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Longbow+traps for Open World/Fractals?


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Hello, I am very new to the game and I recently leveled my guardian to 80. I quite enjoy the Longbow rotation and the fact how it's seems like more of a mid-range style of combat. However, I have noticed most people don't use Longbow for PvE. I can see that my Greatsword does noticeably more damage but the playstyle of Longbow is quite appealing to me. Am I going to be frowned upon because I am using this weapon? More importantly, I don't want to be carried because I chose the special-snowflake build.

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Longbow is fine for OW. I use it occasionally because I like the playstyle too.For Fractals it's a big thick nope though unless you like getting flak from pugs. Scepter/Sword/Focus and GS is the way to go.Don't lock yourself into a specific set of weapons even if you don't like the other options. You will like getting called names even less.

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