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Shoutbow warrior returning to pvp ?


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so you all know the old shoutbow warrior in pvp ?i think it might be nice with the changes they made to burning arrows and tactics as a whole.

thats the build ive come up with on the fly (ofc it still uses prepatch traits etc, just think of it as ingame traits)http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwEwE2osAWI7ihxIxjdyc1D-z5YfIJICiUK0rCQpDA

obviously havent done lots of testing, but first matches were funim not sure about the rune, still testing, thats also the reason i took endure pain, with its relatively shord cd of 30 seconds, might swap it out for balanced stance and run trooper or something like that

might also consider destruction of the empowered, instead of brawlers recovery, since that build lacks boonrips, and it already has lots of condi cleanses

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nothing beats spellbreaker in pvp at the current stage imo.there's literally 2 times of shouts you can use in a fight yet shoutbow never made return.

it relies heavily on sigil of geo to apply damage, it was dead the moment the sigil was removed.also another thing it relies on it's shout gives adrenaline, which is removed this patch. this was pretty heavy hit.and tactic synergy heavily with magebane.

i had better supporting result with just s/wh m/sh, s/wh/lb just doesnt really fit the meta now imo.

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