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Are "Waves of enemies" events broken?

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For 2 consecutive events (defend researcher from waves of Skrit and defend Hylek from waves of Krait) I can see the event on my list, see the progress bar, talk to the NPC, etc. but even sitting inside the orange event circle for more than a quarter of an hour does not spawn even a single enemy. I tried logging out and back in with no effect. Is it just broken? Are other types of events working? I'm in Metrica Province on a level 47 character trying for the Daily Event Completer. My Metrica Province completion is 100%, and my world completion is 31%. This is hugely frustrating.

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Sometimes it is a true stall and there's nothing you can really do. However, a lot of the wave events are scripted so the entire wave N needs to be killed before wave N+1 will spawn. Sometimes one mob from wave N will wander off away from the event circle - be it from chasing a player or an NPC or engaging another type of hostile mob in the area- and prevent wave N+1 from spawning. It doesn't always work, but you can try looking around the nearby area for an enemy with the same type as the wave foe and killing it. I think in newer maps they started marking the relevant foes with swords, but old maps are inconsistent, at best.

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