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Right click open all or one by one?

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So I just noticed, either that or I forgot, that you could right click and choose an option that opens all for bags such as unidentified X gear item and the trick or treat bags. To which I assume there are other ones I don't know of at time of posting. Is there any reason to not right click and choose open all vs doing them one by one? Thanks.

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You can do this with any stackable container. The only bad thing that can come of this is not having enough space, which will put one piece of equipment in a temp inventory and halt the process. I usually just do it anyway, “Consume All” on 2 or 3 stacks of Luck so there’s some extra space, and salvage stuff until I have room to finish opening the stack of containers.

Just be careful with “Salvage All -rarity here”, as it will just salvage the containers themselves without you even needing to open them. If you want that, then go ahead—it saves plenty of time. But I always open them on the chance of exotics.

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@Linken.6345 said:It dont salvage them if you have them in a shared inventory slot tho.

Same with invisible bags. I always start sorting my inventory by putting unidentified gear into an invisible bag, so I don't accidentally salvage it.

As for opening one at a time vs. all at once I don't think there's any reason to do it most of the time. Maybe if you're hoping for a specific drop from something like ToT bags and want to sell all the rest once you've got it. Although the chances are that will be something incredibly rare and you'll need to open hundreds of bags so even then I'd probably split them into stacks of 50 or so and open those all at once.

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