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Races leaders?


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  • Asura = There isn't one, but the Arcane Council is eh closest to a city Government Rata Sum has. Asurans generally govern themselves in "krewes". The Inquest have some kind of pyramidal hierachy, but it becomes hazy I believe near the top. Zojja is just a prominent character from the early GW2 story.
  • Sylvari = Pale Tree although the Soundless and the Nightmare Court are split from her. Faolian was Leader of the Nightmare Court before her death
  • Norn = Knut Whitebear is Master of the Lodge in Hoelbrak. He would be the closest. Norn are traditionally more independent as a culture. Eir was never leader
  • Human = Queen Jennah is ruler of Kryta and associated settlements like Ebonhawke. Humans elsewhere will be governed separately - eg in LA by the Council and Elona by...whoever takes over there. Cantha is ruled separately as well
  • Charr = There is currently no single ruler (Khan-Ur), although that is likely to be addressed in the coming arc. The leaders of each legion are known as Imperators and are listed here https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Imperator

Beyond that, you have the LA Council, the Pact Commander (Logan), and the Priory, Order of Whispers and Vigil which have clear Leaders, but are multi-racial

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