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Arcana Obscura: instance can't be completed (progress stalled)

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I just played through the instance with my Mesmer, but could not hand the Torch of Divine Fire over for mission completion.

This was caused by spawning my Doppelganger from the Magic Mirror, who would just stand there in invulnerability state, hence could not be fought nor defeated.

I had to start all over, this time without the Doppelganger part, in order to complete the mission. Please fix!

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@"Linken.6345" said:Dont you talk to the mirror after you haneded in torch?

That's what I said when I wrote "spawning my Doppelganger." It doesn't spawn if you don't interact with the mirror. ;)

Again, the issue was that it was invulnerable and that the mission could not be completed if you did not kill it, so I had to start over.

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