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Just curious but why was Ancestral Grace cooldown increased so much?


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Is it my impresion or you are trying Ranger and you see it's not that easy or OP or even fun to play?

It happens always like this with Anet, it nerfs random stuff until the skill becomes mostly useless instead actually nerfing apropiately the issue of a troll build. I'm sure you got to enjoy that with the rev too.

In this case let me answer you why you may percieve the skill is unrewarding and cluncky.

  • Druid had a unkillable troll build which abused 2 traits and the busted stats sets/amulets.
  • Instead nerfing the interactions of those traits the person in charge at the time decided first to nerf the CD of this skill to make the druid less mobile with a bunch of other nerfs to other traits and skills (bad choice)
  • Then becasue it didnt solve anything (as expected) reduced a 50% the healing provided.
  • And at some point i don't know why although becasue the troll build wasn't balanced yet, then removed the evade from the skill.

That's why you have a movement skill with mediocre heal and no evade in 20s cooldown. And that's why the staff feels such a crappy weapon.

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