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Why does downstate still exist?


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We're long past scrubs playing the game, we aint getting any new players, pvp is dead with only our small community of sadists. Can we remove this cancer and just let people respawn on death? Its less aggravating , hell increase the spawn times if you want. Make kills count for more points which has been suggested for literal years.. I know yall at ANet have a rock hard on for conquest but ffs no one even revives anymore cleave is insane and powercreep at its max its only used to bleed ppl out which isn't fun for the receiver and yea I know that fully while I do it too.. but you designed it that way -_-

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This is literally the only game on the market where you can't revive an ally in combat, and there isn't a single true revive skill, plus unimaginable damage. The fact that they think a model where everyone just dies or respawns like an FPS is sustainable is rediculous.

The PvP game mode of GW2 has been treated like its Quake for too long..

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