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Give iron Guards Some Condi Immunity?


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I'm sure everyone has noticed an upgrade called IRON GUARDS by now in wvsw. That tier 2 upgrade you see on everything basically. The main benefit is it acts as a very nice crowd control deterrent against any newer/underequipped players from placing siege on everything. Otherwise its mainly for stalling groups, even large ones, on enemy lords.

One thing you will notice though is that condi builds are unaffected by this upgrade. It offers 50% damage reduction, which is really pretty high to begin with I'm sure we can all agree especially considering you need 3 stats to do power based damage. It is just one of many reasons why trailblazer and dire builds are king in this mode.

Proposal:-We make iron guards give 'something' to blacklist condi damage in a similar manner to power. I'm personally thinking iron guards should target condi duration rather than direct condi dmg.So -50% condi duration on all conditions. Why condi duration and not condi damage? Cause condi damage relies on ticks that are generally slower to get moving. So long as the guards/lord is kept out of ooc you can just toss condi's on them as you run past and see your attacks do their full damage. So condi duration reduction instead of damage would "keep you" grounded and attacking the guard/lord until it dies, which feels more natural. Guards/lords are deterrents, they buy time. ALl your condi durations reduced by 50% means you have to focus fire the guards/lord, and it buys time as designed, the same way it does vs power users. Conditions do more damage than power does if you have time on your side. I don't find it fair to be on smc lord and being able to just toss your condi on it....and break off and clear all these other enemies while your condi is still ticking away at the lord. With duration decrease you WILL have to actually focus the lord to do damage to it, applying continuous new applications, rather than throwing some stuff down and then being free to run around the entire inner a few times so long as at least 1 person is keeping it from ooc'ing.

I can't really say what the difference would be between builds running expertise and those just running condi as a flat stat, so sinister vs viper for example.

But I think its an okay proposal. Especially since it still allows duration users to more or less negate the upgrade completely with their own specific duration specialties (like having high burning duration)Iron guards:-50% damage reduction-50% condition reduction.

If need be it can be lowered to maybe even -25% condi reduction. Or the upgrade itself can be looked at in terms of lowering the damage reduction.

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