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Weakness & Protection vs condition dmg?

magical giant.8650

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I don't see any reason why condition damage is not effected by protection and weakness at this stage of the game. I'd rather see mechanic changes to protection and weakness then forcing people to run more vitality to be able to keep up with conditionclear CDs. I suggest that protection give 33% condition damage reduction aswell and weakness having the same 50% chance to cause flinch vs condidmg.

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@Zuko.7132 said:I'd agree with that change. Vuln was changed to help condis. Seems fair to have them reduced by prot and weakness as well. Cause let's face it, condis are no longer damage over time. They are burst just like power.

My thoughts exactly as well. Cause as of right now power damage at large is now supremely weaker than condition damage. Both do the exact same thing, but only power gets nerfed by pure attribute stats, protection, and weakness.

I'd also like to see invulns. work against condi as well. Instead of condition damage tick through the invulns as it didn't exist in the game.

I'd also like condition damage to follow the same coefficients as power. Power/Prec/Fer damage is completely equal to Condition Damage/Prec/Fer. If condition damage is going to follow the same burst patterns as Power Damage. Then I truly believe that Condition Damage should have to follow the same weakness as Power.

Or else Power builds like at this point in time. While just simply be inferior to condition damage which not only burst damage, but also carries that burst damage on as a DoT.

At last I have absolutely no faith that ANet will even try to balance Condition Builds and Power Builds. So basically just run what's completely broken and overpowered. Which is Condition Damage builds atm has been for awhile now. Oh well, at least we can be super lazy in end game PvE content and do the same damage on a condition damage build, as someone who is trying very hard and performing perfect rotations on a Power based build.

Oh wait ANet made it so certain bosses are just artificially stronger against condition damage. In order the hide the fact Condition Damage builds, are just far easier to run. Also they requires much less player input, to maintain than Power builds.

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