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Is the PvP death-breakdown for certain conditions bugged?


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I have been wondering about this for YEARS already.

Like, for certain conditions (bruning i.e.), the Death-Breakdown in PvP shows insane numbers at times (like 6-digit numbers).Is this a correct display, or is there maybe a calculation error?

Could be a remnant of the Core-game system where conditions like burning didnt stack in intensity but by duration.

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@Khisanth.2948 said:It might be counting all applications and assuming all applications run for their full duration so it would be the theoretical damage you could have taken if you had a big enough life pools and nobody uses cleanses or provide resistance.

Ye, Im thinking something similar.Like back in core, burning only stacked in duration.Could be that the breakdown calculates the total damage of burning for instance for each stack rather then splitting it up towards what each individual stack does.

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