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Tigris Completion Jumping Puzzles --- Love them or Pay for them (I'll pay)

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I don't do so well in JPs, it's a fact I've lived with since the beginning of GW2.

When I come across a JP I'm required to complete, I'm usually able to find a person willing to take time out of their gaming schedule and pay them for time and effort.

Right now I'm working on the precursor "Tigris" which has a ton of JPs.

I'll pay 1 gold to be teleported or portaled to achieve the goal.

There are many JPs in the path to completing "Chuka and Champawat."

If you are able and willing to earn some money: whisper me, I'll tell you which is next, and whether you'll portal me through the JP or I'll teleport to friend.

Remember some of the achievements after completing the JP may include defeating a champion. I'm paying for the full step in crafting process not merely finishing the JP.

For those of you who may think I'll get to the end and not pay, I doesn't do me any good in the long run to do that when my goal is set and a couple bad non-payment reviews halts my crafting process.

So...Let's get Jumping!

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