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Slb pets skills need to be 'unique'


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So, I want to build around CC and gs skills but,'Moment of clarity' which increases the daze duration doesn't affect the gazelle's daze skill even when you're merged with the pet. Sigil of savagery doesn't affect any pet skills since none of them have stuns, why can't we have nice things?I feel I'm forced to use smokescale because it's the ONLY pet that's viable because of what it offers.. stealth, CC and damage. Even with condi builds this seems far superior than any other pet.. I'd like to have some options for the type of build I play..

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I like the abilities on the hyena but the damage is just non existent, I'm experimenting with jacaranda for now..I wish pet skills synergize better with different playstyles.Smokescale: The stealth is instant which is great for engaging and disengaging, also good for team play.Wyvern (AOE CC): Could have an AOE CC or immobilize around the lightning field. Merging with the pet gives you shocking aura for 2s.Gazelle (Single target CC): Headtoss is replaced by headbutt with a longer windup but a longer daze duration. F1 is a 300 radius smokescreen.Right now, all the pets simply have a random CC ability and a gap closer.

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