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Legendary Bounties vs Mesmer Phantasms (0 damage)

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I've noticed this a few times against a couple of different bounties, though not all of them, that Phantasms just don't like to deal any damage to them. The only example that I can think of right off the top of my head was the most recent time I fought the Legendary Facet of Corruption. The only notable bounty mob affix that would have been able to stop damage was Phasing which, as should be noted, causes the boss to Evade attacks if the player isn't within the current phase zone.

In this case, my phantasms were critting for 0 damage. For reference, here are some damage log screenshots; note that "Imagined Burden" is the name of the Phantasmal Berserker (Greatsword) attack, "Illusionary Sword Attack" is the name of the Phantasmal Swordsman (Off-hand sword) attack, and "Spacial Surge" is the name of both the Greatsword skill 1 and the Greatsword clone's attacks. In this case, when you see "for 0 using [spatial Surge]" that is the clone hitting and when you see actual damage numbers, that's my actual skill 1.


In these first two screenshots I was scrolling through my damage logs. You can see in the first screenshot that even though I'm outside of the phase indicator and my phantasm is inside of it my phantasm is still hitting the Facet, though dealing 0 damage.


In this third screenshot you can see that even though I am standing inside the phase indicator and my phantasm is not it is still hitting the Facet for 0 damage.


And in this final screenshot you can see what it should look like if I was standing outside of the phase indicator - or the phantasms depending on whether their location being either inside or outside of the phase indicator or my own position specifically - where the Facet is evading my Greatsword skill 1 attacks.

Interesting note: While in this instance the phantasms are hitting for 0 damage, against bounties with the Identify affix phantasms will hit the target regardless of whether or not the mesmer has the Identified buff on them. This leads me to believe that each phantasm is considered individually apart from the mesmer as to whether it has the identified buff or is in the correct position to hit a phasing mob.

This problem also happens with the Legendary Choya. This time I was using Axe and Staff clones/phantasms. You can see that condition damage is doing its job but the direct damage from the Phantasm attacks are doing 0 damage.


Edit Nov 14, 2017: This is still happening.6Wi9n6i.jpg

(Edited to correct a couple of mistakes.)(Edit2 - added more information)(Edit3 - added embedded images for ease of viewing)

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