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New map and things to do

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Hey there fello players.I have played this game for a while now, about 5 years. I have 10k of achiev, I know, that is not that much, but is something. The thing is, am I the only one that thought that the new map just feels like lacks content? or things and stuffs to do? I thrully loved the idea of the story, but it doesnt feel like a map, with historys and contents and everything. It feels less then what the dry top was on the beggining.Can anyone tell me if i'm doing something really wrong and that is just on my mind, or is this thrue and the map is like that.

Forgive me for the bad english, is not my main language and I'm just trying to comunicate with you guys.. ^^
Please, be cool about it, i'm jsut trying to figure it out if anyone else felt that way about it.

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I think its because they're trying a new "darker and edgier" approach even though GW2 was always about heart-pounding adventure. Even the really dark Heart of Thorns campaign still had an incredible soundtrack to go with it to remind you "this is GW2".

Thus far I've seen none of that since PoF, Crystal Desert was like Central Tyria but without the spirit of it all.

I did feel like Grothmar Valley was a brief return to the adventerous feelings like the Silverwastes, Auric Basin and Bitterfrost Frontier established, but it was very brief, only considered a prologue and isn't tied into the current saga very well. That said it looks like we'll be returning to Charr territory soon and out of the doom and gloom saturated Far Shiverpeaks so maybe it'll get better..

But if you compare Bjora Marches to Bitterfrost Frontier, which is from the same region, its just kind of meh.

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