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Can't figure out mount/dismount "jump"

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I've seen videos where a character is on a mount (raptor, skimmer, etc.) and it looks like they jump off the mount as they are dismounting, allowing them a little hop up and over. I've managed to do it a couple of times by accident but I can't get the right key combination. I'm thinking "x" to dismount and then "space bar" to jump, but it's not working. I'm talking specifically about master points, where I can almost get there with a springer or skimmer mount but need a little jump to reach it. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

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The standard dismount with x which gives you a small "jump" should only work while you/the mount are on the ground and doesn't require any other keys.So I'm quite unsure what you are refering to when you say places you can almost reach with the skimmer/springer.

The only other option to dismount while e.g. jumping, hovering etc. is the Bond of Faith skill which you can unlock as part of the Crystal Champion Masteries.

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