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In game way of knowing Raids & Strikes completed

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I want to be able to tell each day which strikes I've done, but there's no in-game way of telling and there's no API endpoint like raids have to get them. Why don't we have this in our Hero Panel? I suggested adding an endpoint for daily strikes on the API but it looks like devs are not actively working on the API since nothing since Saga came out has been added. There's a big disconnect right now:

Fractal Dailies - You can see them on Hero Panel, but not APIRaids - You can see them on API, but not on Hero PanelStrikes - You can't see them on either Hero Panel or API

Can we have some consistency and show them in Hero Panel and through API?


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I disagree, mostly. Strikes are allowed to be repeatable, with only certain rewards daily. There's no reason to mark the strikes as 'done' when you can still get rewards from them. Just not some extra stuff for the first time.

Fractal dailies change daily, so the fact that they're tracked on the hero panel is a nice quick way for players to know which fractals are the dailies. The achievement system is also how they give out the daily rewards, because these rewards are separate from the core fractal rewards.

Raids are the only one I don't have a strong argument for disagreeing with, though I still do. Process of elimination with the fact that your instances clear as you clear, and you can always assume that whoever is spawned first in your instances are bosses you have not killed, are the main reasons I would disagree, but for those who manage to jump around with their clears while pugging, I could understand wanting some formal method that's not using the external API.

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I don't understand your disagreement. I'm not suggesting to change the current behavior, but just give us a way to know what we have completed for the daily rewards. Yes, strikes are repeatable but the 3 big chests at the end are not. There is no reason why not to have a way of telling us that they are done, either UI or API. Same as Fractals, you have your daily reward and they get marked as completed, nothing prevents you from repeating them and getting some rewards, but knowing that the "daily reward" has been received already helps.

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