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New and LOST on WvW


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Hey thereI'm really new to this gamemode.I've managed to join groups (yesterday and today)I've even managed to follow them for a while. Great fun.But at some point I lost them... and then, no more blue dots on the map. I was ALONE. The group was full and me lost in the middle of nowhere.How can you keep track of the position of the group on the map?How can you find (refind) the group when you're far away from it?Thanks for replies.

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Hi drak. Like pve meta maps, you join tag so you can see where they are.

I.e. my group in nsp we don't run open tag until 4pm server time and if the ppl in coms is less than 5.

So, like pve, you can join their VoIP com and be informed. Because it's hard to type and fight.

You can ask in map /m if there is a group or /t so you can ask to join them.

Note. Let them know you're new. Or they'll expect a lot of things from youBasics /wiki wvw. Read it. It covers most of the things.

I hope you enjoy wvw and have more fun. :)

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They will usually communicate over team speak or something like that. It is highly recommended to join if nothing else just to listen. You will also learn much more since you will actually know what are the intention of the commander, either tactical decisions during fight or strategical decisions which objective on which map to tackle.

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Maybe a bit more background is useful:

There are 4 maps in a WvW-Match: Ethernal Battle ground (EB), and one borderland (BL) for each side (Green Alpine BL, Blue Alpine BL, Red Dessert BL).One of them is your Homeland (where your spawn is in the north of the map), the others may also be named by the team having them as homeland (no clue which server you are, but an example from EU-Tier1-Match: . WSR-BL (Whiteside Ridge Borderland) is the Green Alpine Border (GBL).

So what happend to you: The group you were in switched to one of the other maps, either because there was a message from a scout "Inc at name", i.e. one of your possessions was under attacck, or because the commander thought that it's time to conquer something on other maps.

This usually only happens during off-time (22:00 till 20:00 on most servers), where there is usually only one (sometimes 2) squad(s) per team for the whole matcch. During Primetime (20:00-22:00) this rarely happens, as each map is filled and sometimes even has queue.

Such map-switches are usually announced either in the voice-channel used by your server (and which is helpful to join, just ask in team or map-chat for discord/TeamSpeak of your team) or by ping a WP into the Team- (visible on all 4 WvW maps)/ Map- (visible on the current map) / Squad- (visible to the 50people-squad) Channel.

Usually you can ask in the Team-Channel which map the Commie and his Squad is on.

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