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  1. Something like "Dungeon Frequenter"-Achievement for JP's would be nice. However it would need a protection against portals and parked alts, e.g. by turning them into "mini games" with defined start and end and limited skills while you do it. Would have the advantage that these arbitrary and often useless no-fly/mount zones could go.
  2. Like this guy https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_Bandit_Executionerbut but without loot, yeah would work as well, but isn't as elegant as letting them kill themself (by enabling player damage on them) after "to long" farming, but maybe even more spectacular.
  3. Do you know german humor? You laugh most if people take your ironie/sarcsm to serious 😉
  4. Yes, don't afk-farm event participation 🙂 And hey, first you are all absolute sure that they are afk-farmer, and should be banned by ANet, and now that there is a funny solution, you fear that you be hit by it? you could move after 10 of the 15 minutes you don't have to fear more than a forced respawn at next WP 😉
  5. Depends how large you define area. And you can reset it when you participate in events.
  6. how about: If you are longer than 15min in the same map-area you are no longer immune to player attacks. Then we can enjoy watching how they kill each other clean up the remainings, if you really hate them 😀
  7. Food isn't the best for Research Notes: https://fast.farming-community.eu/open-world/salvageable-research-note
  8. No, I don't know what they do, whatever I write in the title. I want to switch off that data about my behavior go to someone or anet should black-list and ban 3rd party tools that collect & aggregate them. Edit: more precise formulation "data about my behavior"
  9. Dictate? I want to switch off, that others see my combat infos. That's it.
  10. Spy software collects available information about people without their agreement, usually not even asking them, and aggregates and statistically evaluate these information. Fits a dpsmeter that collects infos about other, without giving them an option to turn that of very well. Never saw a group description with: We will evaluate anyone in the group to optimize you for our criteria. I in fact would never join them, still I heared a lot of comments about people's DPS performance I never wanted to hear. And as with privacy violation in the internet or society: You don'
  11. Obviously at least anyone in this thread who wants to see numbers not only for her-/himself. Why do you care about visiblity of others, if you don't want to see others?
  12. And how does this hinder anyone to spy my behaviour? The option to disbale any spy software is of course the cool thing
  13. That would be cool, clearly marked partyies where I don't want to join. Definitely an improvement over today, where I am evaluated by any "optimizer" as soon as I join any party.
  14. 1) skyscale usually doesn’t help you will real JPs as they are no-fly/mount zones (but it can be used to „cheese“ some of them nevertheless) 2) Don’t remember any jumping difficulty in getting skyscale (it was just loooong), beside the ascalon wall in blazeridge (3 difficult Springer jumps) get a friendly Mesmer with skyscale for this one (pm me if you don’t find one in EU)
  15. First year was the best, not because it was different, but because we didn’t already knew for sure that manpower & coverage is everything. 2nd year EotM was great: a valuable pvp/pvd farm fest. afterwards only routine, sometimes more sometimes less boring
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