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  1. In a way, that's what just happend to Dry Top with the LS2-Event, but it will not last long I guess.
  2. I play since release and I never used one so far 😉. You only need it, if both the item (armor/weapon) as well as the upgrade (rune/sigil) are very expensive. And from time to time you will get single-use upgrade extractors from login rewards. if only the item is expsive, you can simply overwrite the upgrade with the new one you want. if only the upgrade is expesive you can scrap the item with the "Black Lion Salvage Kit"
  3. https://www.gw2tp.com/item/36179-endless-common-clothing-tonic (Looks like your speculation had a clearly noticable effect =) ) As @"Illumine Sparkler.6019" already pointed out the ingame TP shows only the cheapest X (25?) positions for efficiency reasons. But there are more informative websites as e.g. the one above, where you can try to estimate even the trade-volume.Total supply was over 13k, so you bought nearly 10%, but what you totally forgot is to care about the trade-volume. How often are these potions bought per week? And in this case the supply didn't changed much over the last y
  4. It always was ANets strategy to change the game to avoid griefing and not to rely (and react) to reports.
  5. Good to know...I'll have to purchase them and have a guildie help me out with unlocking waypoints. Good tip. Once your 1st char got access to the maps you can buy a teleport scroll to the map per map (and store them into a Tome per season) and use it to get your other chars to the map. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Map_navigation#Teleportation_deviceshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Season_3_Portal_Tomehttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Season_4_Portal_Tomehttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Icebrood_Saga_Portal_Tome
  6. The answer is obvious isn't it? There are a lot more of PvE only player than there are WvW-player that would complain loudly, if something they don't like would have a better reward structure than something they play, especially as PvE-player seem to be much more reward oriented than WvW-player.
  7. Hm, everyone want more people.How about closing EU-T5 again, then every link can get more.
  8. And that need exactly all the points you get from lvlups, the ones you aquire from the core-tyria maps will we left for the elite anyway.
  9. You cannot, you need to have normal spec maxed out before you can spend points on elite.And don't worry, there are over 400 more hero points waiting to collect than you can spend for both elite.They come in even easier as on PoF & HoT maps they come in as 10pts per hero-challenge. Most are only a bit harder to master, some are unreachable without a specific mastery (e.g. poison resistance, ...) , some of them are champions to kill, that really need a group, but you can skip them (as there are many more than you need), if there isn't a group, but usually there are hero-train in lfg and if y
  10. I founfd my way through Tangled Depths, it wasn't easy, it was mostly fun, but now I know most parts of it sufficiently well to mostly don't get lost anymore. :) Where I still get lost is the "new" :) PvP-Lobby, probably because I am not there more often than once a year :)
  11. Sorry to say, but that would be a pain in the kitten.It's one thing to change a character's level, but now you have to think about the equipment, trinkets, armor, and weapons that are all Lvl 80. Try it out, it's already there. Go to an area with lvl 68 mobs and look how all your stats are when you are downscaled to lvl 70. The only difference to today, is that you can influence to which level you are downscaled against which mob-levels.
  12. The more general and less effort way would be to give you an option of directing the downscalling algo to scale you down a bit more.Currently it's you are 2 level higher than the mobs after downscaling, why not an option to scale you 1-10 level lower than mobs, i.e. you can choose to be downscaled to 70 on lvl 80 maps. And maybe it can boost your MF and cash drops a bit if scaled down.
  13. Ascended is still maximal armor/weapon/jewelery. Storywise, after HoT: ls3 Episode 1-6 (The 3.1 map requires full gliding, if you don't have it go back to HoT)PoF LS4 1-6Ls5 Actual contentI would suggest follow the story (it Leads you everywhere), explore the maps the story leads you to and mixin daily fractals for loot.
  14. They could make ultimate dominator repeatable, like the scrapping achievement :)
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