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  1. You don't need to transfer anymore, just join the new guild once you found it and make it your WvW-guild, after the next relink (wvw-reset at the 26.7) you should be in the same team as your chosen wvw-guild.
  2. Linking was the result of the forum kitten-storm resulting from idea that some servers should be deleted and creating empty server does help anything, I don’t want to read the forum if you force move people to new server.
  3. What do you mean with they worked? They got WTJ overstacked (SFR in EU, Blackgate in NA) They had Trolls, you could not get rid of. They were not adaptable to changing player numbers People had to choose a server when they had no clue what they choose Playing WvW with your PvX guild did not worked, you had to pay a lot of gems or the target was even closed.
  4. Are they really overstacked? Or are they just better organized and have less "I hate all these changes, I stop playing"-losses in activity? Have a look at https://gw2mists.com/guilds. There now only guilds that manually entered their new team are listed now. Others that haven't aren't listed. E.g. look at EU "Mirror of Lyssa", this is the team with most guilds that entered their team and they are the strongest Team in EU I would say (we know in a few weeks when they finally reached T1, going up from T6). Better organization, less frustrated leaver, better performance. Currently, linking was based on pre-WR activity, and WR-losses hit harder, the less people take initiative to build up the new. organization. That is clearly not equally distributed, but it will likely get better when linking is based on WR-activity and not on pre-WR activity.
  5. Map Completion and the Achievement "Been There, Done That" are NOT that closely related.. Map Completion checks the objectives (PoI, HPs, Hearts, Vistas) "Been There, Done That" checks uncovering of map areas As there are map areas without objective you can get map completion without the achievement (and of course also the achievement without map completion by uncovering areas without doing the objectives). The most useful tool for both is the ingame compass, correctly configured in the options (Hide Story and Hide events), it points you to the nearest undone objective or nearest covered area.
  6. From time to time I have that as a display bug (in fact all maxed, it just didn’t show it). Usually disappears after char switch or relog.
  7. Sounds like you failed to take the last step of socialization: found a loose roamer Assoziation (guild) to be further linked together.
  8. It,s time to get rid of the 24/7 WvW matches and reanimate the EotM dynamic matches (but with all 4 diffferent maps to choose from). Map Instances last 3-4 hours and are created on demand, so no more queue in prime and no more empty maps in off-time, imbalances last only a few hours.
  9. It's definitely nice to have a GoE-complain thread, instead of the usual monthly GoB-complain-thread 🤣
  10. You don't need full GW2 map completion, only the core-Tyria maps, and you get 2 gifts from one completion. (But you also need to play WvW to get a gift of battle 😉 ) And hey: before you start an adventure like crafting leggies, gathering some information is really a very good idea, now you paid a bit (gold comes in fast in gw2) to learned that. 😉 Should you ever build leggies again use https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/legendaries It is able (when you deploy an API key) to give you precise info's about what you have and what you still need.
  11. I joined my old servers community guild and my wvw-experience is the same as before, I notice a slightly stronger social cohesion than before.
  12. You hardly need it, as it is additive to other speed increases: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Movement_Speed#Underwater, e.g. travellers rune or a speed signet plus a +15 swim speed infusoin should let you reach the max speed (while ooc) or the Relict of the Wayfinder and a +10 infusion let you hit the cap (ooc) as well.
  13. I would estimate that 500 is 1/3 or even only 1/4 of a previous main-world, so your former majority of people you where familiar with within a team already turned into a minority. I don’t think further atomization of familiarity is a good thing.
  14. But where do you get the glicko from after a relink? The only thing that remains from the last period is the name and the glicko score attached to it has 0 meaning, if all players are exchanged.
  15. I once got placed into a phantom queue. None was shown when I tried to enter the map, I got placed at 5 when I entered, then going down to 1 slowly, where I finally got stuck. After a moment I left the queue, and could join this map instantly.
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