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so I want to try out Engineer


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Hey guys,I’d like to try out Engineer and get a feel for it. ( mostly PvE, I hope it’s “ Fun “ but I may delete it If I don’t like it )First,…I plan on using some Tomes of Knowledge to go up to a high enough Level so I can have some tools /skills to try out..

Question ;What do you guys think is such high enough level to try it out ? 20, 40 ??

Thanks in advance !

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you get so many levels via tomes I'd just keep the character and buy a new char slot later. when you got every class in the end you are able to experience all the different playstyles you like. now for engi I have to tell you that I deleted mine twice, before I kept one at the end. I think getting used to different kits is one of the problems players have. elite isn't really of big impact imo. so I'd stay short under the level where you get your first elite skill.

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Thanks guys for ur comments..so after trying out to lvl 31, I'm thinking to use a lvl 80 boost to make one..( since I like to use guns, rockets, grenades...etc, I'm gonna have to make it work :))If there's youtube videos I should check out, please do so..Not sure what combo system is, feel free to enlighten me..

Thanks again !!

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