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Boon Stripping Questions

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I couldn't find the answers to my questions anywhere on the wiki so I'm asking here.

1) If an enemy has multiple boons and I use a skill that strips or corrupts 1 of them, which will get removed? Is it the last one he applied? Is there a specific hierarchy that stripping will remove in order (like maybe it removes aegis, then stability, then regeneration, etc always in that order)

2) If an attack I use also strips a boon and the player's only boon is Aegis, will it strip the boon, then check to see if it hits and deals damage? Or will it instead be blocked and no boon would be technically removed from the skill?

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Unless there was a recent update to the system, priority is idiosyncratic to each stripping effect. Some of these are well-documented, others perhaps not so. According to user tests, some skills may strip boons in a completely fixed order; others are completely random; and still others may have priority groups that are random within each group. You will need to search for info on each skill or trait that you are using.

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