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All-in-Ones Anyone?

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Wondering if anybody uses an all-in-one PC. I know it won't compare to a gaming PC,but neither does my HP laptop that I currently use. I suspect an all-in-one would somewhat compare to a laptop since I assume all the hardware is laptop hardware to fit in the slim design of an all-in-one. Does anybody use one and is happy with it's performance for GW2?

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From what I gather at a glance, you need to pay around $2500 to get a decent AiO that's above craptop specs (ie have even a humble dedicated graphics card) and if you want something that match a $1000 PC, you need to spend $5000+.

In comparison you can get a top of the line 3900X/9900K/2080Ti with a 144hz IPS Gsync screen for prolly around $3000.

But sure, you can probably use one and actually run GW2. I cant imagine anyone being happy about it's performance though. I've ran GW2 on a Surface Pro 2 (the model where microsoft didnt actually gimp boost performance to the point where they didnt surpass the SP2 until SP5 or something) and sure, it worked fine. Even on a 27" monitor. Well, until I nearly womited from 15fps motion sickness as I tried WvW.

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