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ArenaNet, fix your servers.

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After spending more than 200 euros on this game I think I'm entitled to say that you guys really need to step up your EU server game.

  • The rollback crash, no explanation plus a lousy reward as a 'compensation'
  • Various login crashes lately.. no explanation at all.
  • The lag is INSANE lately. If you have reached maximum capacity on your servers, you should upgrade them. We are PAYING to play your game, we EXPECT working hardware.

I love the game and thanks again for fixing the rollback, but this is getting ridiculous.Also, it's not hard that hard to improve your communication towards the community.

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@Feirlista Xv.1425 said:Tell all the people staying at home getting on the internet to stop and you all will not get DCed anymore! These issues are out of the hands of Anet because there are just way to many people online these days over taxing the system!

No that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems all the people staying home are still playing and all of a sudden the game play has improved after a week of reports and no feed back.Thanks Anet.

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