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Chrono for OW and story


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Greeting adventureres,

i'm a returning player after a longer break after i burned out by playing to much chars the same time and building to much leggys in a row for them. To prevent this i want to play only one toon and i choose Mesmer/Chrono. The last time i played Chrono is over a year ago and it seems lot has changed. I can't shatter anyomore without clones and other stuff.

I'm using the SC raiddps build but i'm struggling to stay alive in prolonged fights or if i'm under heavy condi preasure. Should i change a line into Inspiration? Overall i'm not a great fan of using def stats on gear, i'm running full berserker, but also have an full set of marodeur in my bags for WvW. I'm also thinking about maybe trying out a more offensive variant of the boon/supportbuild but i'm not sure if this will benefit me in solo and ow tasks. Not sure if shield is that usefull in solo content or if i should switch to focus instead.

Any suggestions or advices?

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Here's a ranged build I used for a while after coming back recently (post-nerf-patch). for OW and story.


  • You can park Greatsword in most open-world activity, switch to your melee set to survive.
  • Mantra of Pain is a spammable heal, Mantra of Distraction procs vulnerability and steals a ton of boons via the Absorption sigil. Swap in the other two Mantras as needed (I ended up using Mantra of Resolve for condi cleanse quite a lot).
  • The main traits that matter are Chronophantasma, Restorative Mantras, and all the damage buffs in Domination. You can swap Shield for Focus quite easily if you want.
  • Compared to running Dueling, you don't have Fury, so your overall DPS is a bit lower. Clone generation is just barely enough to keep shattering consistently.
  • If you time your phantasms popping, you can do F4 - Gravity Well - Power Lock - IWave - F3 - Gravity Well - Power Lock - IWave for uhhhh like 1800 defiance bar damage. (Alternatively, you can do about 600 defiance bar damage every ~20 seconds.)

(Tbh, I eventually did switch classes because I just couldn't find a fun and useful WvW build.)

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When i play Mesmer, I play Chronomancer with Greatsword and Sword-focus.It's far from optimal and focus spamming phantasms/clones for the F1 shatter, but it's the most fun I can get on Mesmer.

Unless it's needlessly enemy dense areas like Lake Doric, it gets open world content and Story done just fine.

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