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I need some advice / guidance on earning Fractal Relics

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I think the problem is you are trying to power your way to what you need. The best approach to legendaries is to chip away at bits of it in sections. Then it doesn't feel like a grind. Just chip away at the fractals when you can. Or do none and wait until the login cycle gets to the end and get the 7 from the chest

My two latest I'm working on (Sharur and Minstrel), I've been chipping away at for well over a year. One just need a few more shards and the other about 160 amalgamted gemstones. If I had been more sensible, I'd have done the metas every day in that time an it would be done. For now, I'll do one or two a day, make some out of orbs and buy some every now and again to keep it going.

The other need gift of exploration which is going to be an annoying roadblock if I continue to leave it until last and not chip away at it. I've already done it 5-6 times, so it has lost its lustre, but better small doses than one big grind.

To be honest, I wish I could just sell my Bolt and buy what I need. Really don't know why I made that only to barely use it

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