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Looking for Fashion Advise (Exalted)

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Hi everyone!

I would like to replicate the Exalted look as much as possible. I will use the Exalted Shoulders and Exalted Gloves. Looking for creative ideas that could pull off the rest. Chest piece is incredibly hard.

I would like ideas for:Light Armor:Heavy Armor: Right now I'm leaning torwards the Requime armor/

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When I decided to make an Exalted themed character, I decided to use the Auric Weapons with the Luminate's Backplate in combination with the Sentinel Outfit. I have spend a lot of time figuring out the right dyes to match the weapons & backpieces. It did work out for me, although the character does not really look like an exalted.

Sentinel Outfit Solution

Light Armor Try 1

Light Armor Try 2

Light Armor Try 3

! h2T5id6.jpg! Confessor Caudecus's Mask! Funerary Vestments! Council Ministry Hose! Warbeast Shoes! But instead of human, you can use a Sylvari with a bright skin/glow effect. I do not own a proper character to show it :S.

Heavy Armor Try 1

! 7ptoeFv.jpg! Just using the Requiem Armor for the remaining parts.

Heavy Armor Try 2

! 681Rp5t.jpg! Zephyrite Sun Helm! Mist Shard Armor for the remaining parts.

For Heavy armor a good solution seem to be the Legendary skins from raiding, but they are not so easy to acquire.

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