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Returning player looking for some advice and friends :)

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Well hello there, thanks for passing by!

So, I've just moved to Switzerland from South America and I just transfered my characters to a EU server too (Aurora Glade) I used to play on NA servers and took a quite long pause, now I'm trying to get back on track again. However Im completely lost, I have a lvl 80 ranger who is my main and my favorite. A lvl 80 elementalist (I have no idea how I level up that thing, tried to play it yesterday and got killed over and over again LOL) So last time I played with my ranger, I was doing the mount unlock quest chain stuff, got until the chakal I think and then stopped playing at all.

Right now Im not sure if its better to get back again with my old Ranger and suck a lot until I know what I'm supposed to do, or start a new character. If that so please tell me what Prof I could play that are noob friendly :)

If I should get back just on my old main again then what Im supposed to do? xD I reached a part of the history that is almost impossible to complete (mobs way too strong for me)

Also if anyone wanna add me to chat or play, feel free to add me!

Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend guys ;)

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Hello! I'm a returning player as well and had the same conundrum. I ended up creating a new character to familiarize myself with the game again. If you can't decide which profession to play, maybe try picking the one that would suit your playstyle (ranged or melee) or you can try both and see which one is more fun for you (that's the most important thing). :) Also, I found a great guild which really helped a lot. Here is the link if you want to check it out: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/104604/eu-pve-ag-ghost-riders-of-tyria-home-a-social-casual-but-active-pve-guild-on-aurora-glade#latest

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Thanks for your responses guys!

Ans> @kharmin.7683 said:

You might consider detailing the type of content that you prefer to play: Open World, PvP, WvW, Raids, etc...

You are absolutely right! Im more a pve player, I like pvp but Im really really bad haha!I love raiding and healing, thats my main role I suppose :)

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Hi Welcome Back. I was in a similar situation few months back when I returned after a long hiatus. I would highly recommend starting a new character and playing it to the point where you are familiar with the game's mechanics. I chose Ranger as my new character, but the other noob friendly professions are Necromancer, Warrior and Guardian. As you might know the game is divided into the core Tryia regions (where you level from 1-80) and then maps that are part of the expansions which are all level 80 (heart of thorns, and path of fire). The expansion maps are significantly more difficult and definitely not ideal for new/returning players. The mount quest you are doing is part of the expansion map. However the mount quest itself is not too difficult.So i would recommend starting a new character and leveling it to 25, then go back and finish the mount quest using your ranger (this unlocks the mount for all your characters). It will significantly help how quickly your character moves across the map which helps leveling speed. Then you can go back and continue working on your new character to a point where you are ready to try your ranger again. And to get comfortable with the ranger i would recommend doing some quests in the level 30-75 zones of the core tyria map. That way you can familiarize yourself with ranger's mechanics without having to worry too much about survival.Quick note: Elementalists are one of the hardest to play. They have poor survivability and require a lot of skills to be spammed in short amount of time. However they are fun and do insane damage.

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