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Will this Laptop be sufficient for GW2?

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Hi guys, thank you for your help on my other post. I have found a particular Laptop I'm interested in and I would like to know if you think it will be okay for playing GW2 okay with low settings. It is this one: https://www.campuspoint.de/20t9s00k00-lenovocampus-thinkpad-e15-gen2.html (Sorry it is in German but i think the information should still be understandable, if not then ask me an I will translate :) )Thank you!

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The laptop will run GW2 fine overall. The graphics card is integrated and therefore not as powerful as a dedicated gaming GPU, but it will run fine in 1920x1080.

(GW2 will always be slow in areas where many players are fighting together or many characters are on screen. Like big world boss battles and big WvW battles. You may lower the amount of displayed characters in graphics options to have playable framerates in these cases)

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