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AikijinX's Lost Files Pt. 2 [Video]


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Hey guys Aiki here! Don't forget to show love by hitting that SUBSCRIBE button ! I'm going to be trying a new thing by uploading weekly, hopefully it will be an every monday type of schedule! I've thought about doing a schedule in the past, but i've been reluctant, but now I feel like I am ready!


Talk to me in game too: AikijinX.6258

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@AikijinX.6258 said:

@saerni.2584 said:I dropped you a mail Aikijin. Wasn’t seeing you as “online” the couple of times I checked.

oh shoot I thought I sent a mail back! I'm sorry I had a couple messages that I was replying to. I'm full with my guilds right now currently brotha =(

It’s all good. Just let me know if/when you need an invite. And, of course, I’m on NSP so I’m always up for some dueling if you happen to be in my matchup :-p

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