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  1. “ Great look at thief being thief again and having access to more broken mechanics “ thief right now is in a pretty okay spot, besides needing initiative.
  2. At this point I feel like the ANET is adopting this story book type of nature/philosophy. One of which being Goldie locks and the three bears - With 1 bed being too hard (elite spec beta preview 1) - 2nd bed being too soft (elite spec beta preview 2) - And the 3rd bed being.. Just Right.... (medium armor/ the last elite spec beta preview) The 3 little pigs and their houses are another similar story.. need I explain. Lol. Following this philosophy and pattern, it seems as though this last elite spec for medium armor classes should be “just right” but I just can’t he
  3. Well this didn’t age well for Bladesworns….. 😅😂
  4. Everyone complaining about Flow generation and gain on the warrior forum, while Thieves have been complaining about initiative generation/gain for years. But guess which class will probably get their resource mechanic fixed first. 🙃
  5. You can still kill with deadeye. Rifle / SD is a thing. As well as Rifle/ DP but I guess what you’re talking about is pertaining to PvP.
  6. It will get nerfed, so it’s not really a problem lol.
  7. While I agree. What do you think a Thief is? The true essence and nature of a Thief revolves around acrobatics, agility, and stealth.
  8. Maleficent Seven “restores” initiative instantly on proc. Initiative “generation” or “regeneration” is different, It’s an overtime generation of Thief resource. I’m aware you know this, but we are not talking about the same thing. Technically. I was hoping on the next elite spec for possibly some type of minor or adept trait that offers faster initiative regeneration not a Hard restoration, because as you said we already have this in the form of M7.
  9. The setup that I mentioned above still stands. But there would need some preparation. Probably just stand near a tower with an archer shooting at you keeping you in combat or some other method. There’s plenty of ways to keep yourself in combat 😋 it’ll work !
  10. If you guys have noticed, all 3 of those elite specs (Vindicator, Bladesworn, Catalyst) have gotten some type of utility skill or skill CD either for a grandmaster ability or a trait (via vindicator adept or master line, I can’t remember which one but it was one of them. As well as warrior getting flow generation trait. Would it be too far fetch to think that possibly we may get some type of initiative generation increase trait? Initiative generation increase is what we’ve been asking for. (And preparedness baseline)
  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Daredevil is ANET’s baseline for elite spec creation. ~You either die an Elementalist or live long enough to play like a Thief (Daredevil)
  12. Oh MAN… the plays are going to be crazy…. i stealth up myself only> travel to the spot where people are Sieging> lay down Shadow portal> run back to my warrior friend (all while they’re charging their attack)> shadow portal (WHICH GIVES STEALTH in the skill) > K.O.
  13. They’d have to be literally afk from their computers for the setup to happen 😂 I also want to see Bladesworn + Thief stealth attack against war law mounted players as well as gates on towers 😂
  14. What I would not like to happen is they give us some type of “trap” type of utilities. Knowing them, they’ll give us back Traps and each of them can generate 1 Thief ally summon. Like what our old Ambush Trap used to do.
  15. I want to see some Thief x Bladesworn Warrior Duo roaming clips when beta comes out. Thief can provide the stealth while Bladesworn charges its omega copium anime weeb Omai wa mu no shin dei ru 1 shot ability on some unsuspecting victims 💥 if anet nerfs that ability to where you are revealed while charging that up, it’ll be sad sad panda times 😔 since we already know the dmg will get nerfed on actual release lol.
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