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Grieving stats for a power Chrono?


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Any thoughts on using Grieving stats for a power Chrono, in open world PVE?Currently have Berzerker, and I see a Viper build on Mettabattle, but I think Viper sacrifices alot of power damage in favor of condi, so I wondered if Grieving might be an option to still make use of Ferocity, yet add in some condi damage.

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It's not great.

Since, it provides a lot less Precision meaning you'll crit less often and thus won't get as much out of Ferocity anyway.

In addition, if you are using standard Power Chrono build (Dom/Duel/Chrono + S/S + /F) then your condition damage will be limited anyway, since your only sources of Conditions are Sharper Images (Which unlike with an actual Condi build you're not incentivised to keep your Clones alive longer than necessary to shatter while at 3) and Rewinder (Which not only do you prioritize after Split Second, but also Confusion is not very good in PvE due to NPC's low attack speeds)

If going for an actual Condi build though (Duel/Illu/Chrono + Sc/T + /P) then Grieving can be fine. It won't do as much DPS against bosses as Viper, but it'll work just fine for trash/Vets/Elites. It's worth noting that the damage will be significantly lower than just going Condi Mirage though.

If your idea is to try and be a hybrid... It'll be better to just go full Power or full Condi really. Stats like Viper or Grieving look like they're good hybrid but really they lose out on so much Precision over Berserker/Marauder that it really drops the Power damage you dish out and are better suited for going full Condi (Due to Viper being the only stat type with Precision + Condi Damage + Expertise on making it the best for Condi DPS until you get 100% duration on relevant conditions in which case Sinister/Grieving are optimal for filling out the remaining gear slots)

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