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Help Me With My Raid Composition

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I have found success both tanking and healing with my minstrel firebrand and thought I would look for some advice on how my raid composition should look like.

This is what I have considered so far:

Sub 1: Hfb (Tank), 3 Dps, Alac RenegadeSub2: Druid, Qfb/Bt/Chrono, 2 Dps, Bs

Any other suggestions?

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@Arcaniaxs.4519 said:Why would u take chrono for 1 sub group wen alacrene already covers up alac and qfb provides 100 uptime quickness and qfb also has better dmg. But chrono is also usable

Renegade also allows the Chrono to go more offensive and a Chrono allows the Renegade and the firebrand to go more offensive. Chrono has better CC than Firebrand and i dont trust a pug group with 2 Quickbrands and no Chrono. I always doubt that they know how mantras work.

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