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  1. Why Bloodfury when your only source of bleeding is razorclaw? If you don't spec into condition damage it just won't be worth casting. I also wouldn't go diviner for solo pve. If you go for group pve you will take Righteous Rebel. If you don't do group pve vindication will always pull ahead of lasting legacy. This is the correct setup guess i messewd up by editing some link i had,sorry:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAwylxQLMPaj1RaMOKjRSjMCygJ/l+7F-zVJYwRD/I4fA-w High boon duration means u will have perma alacrity and if ur in a team your tem will have perma alacrity as well, -20% on the skills CD basicly, and will increase allof the boon uptime as well.Lasting legacy(Renegade trait) has some sinergy with Notoriety(Assassin trait), while Notoriety will make ur migh stronger in power gain LLegacy will improve boost might gain, easilly achieving perma 25 might. Note:IMO th eonly reason to use Renegade is in condi/hybrid bow build or the high boon duration for alacrity to make all cd go faster being in solo or team play, IMO renegade is a weird elite setup but stil way way wayl better than the cant do nothing alone outside pve called Dragon Hunter XD. This is what i use for plebs pve(since my pve is only story episodes)on my wuxia based toon:)http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAwyZlxQKMPyi1RXMOCjRSiMCqgJ/lf7G-z1QYhoBvjI2o0sAaHC1jgMJg/Vp8A-w This is what im using on my Deamon condi renegade atm(another wuxia based toon :)), works very well with plaguedoctor stats as well with marshal stats.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAkeZlhQLsIajJRaMIKjBSjMBygDzS9TF-zVJYsRHfJ49A-wThat's the thing though, Vindication provides more might for yourself without even having to spend the time pressing a button. You also won't have perma alacrity unless you play either RR or with Salvation and ventari. And if you're in a group that needs might sure, LL is better. But so is AP instead of notoriety. Idk. Maybe I care too much about min maxing for this
  2. Why Bloodfury when your only source of bleeding is razorclaw? If you don't spec into condition damage it just won't be worth casting. I also wouldn't go diviner for solo pve. If you go for group pve you will take Righteous Rebel. If you don't do group pve vindication will always pull ahead of lasting legacy.
  3. Is that any kind of question/feedback to created idea of managing strikes tags? i'm glad you shared what you don't like tho, but that not make any sense Your free to do any Squad you prefer, same as i did showing full enginner raid Topic is more about how to name them, or tag them up to have more chance geting proper ppl to proper difigulity or time consumption to avoid experience similar to what you had ;) Ratcher then scharing what you like or not Okay, i dont like it because its just bad. Firebrands need more BD and on WoJ its going to be very difficult to cover everyone with quickness. Same goes for Alacrity. Regarding your proposal i have to ask: Why? Why would i make 3 lfg´s if i want every strike, when i could also only do 1 lfg, ask for some kp and be done with it.
  4. I hate every single group that runs a alacrigade but no chrono on WoJ with a passion. It's just so so bad.
  5. But... But you unlock it by just logging in until the new story is released. You don't have to pay anything because you can unlock it right now for free and still wait until they add voice acting.
  6. Renegade also allows the Chrono to go more offensive and a Chrono allows the Renegade and the firebrand to go more offensive. Chrono has better CC than Firebrand and i dont trust a pug group with 2 Quickbrands and no Chrono. I always doubt that they know how mantras work.
  7. Regen doesn't stack. It does. Just not the usual way. You can get Regeneration from 5 Sources, the 6th source will overwrite the shortest duration stack IF it would last longer. You dont see a number, but all boons are stack capped at either 5 or 9.
  8. Only in the case where you are hitting 25+ stacks of Regen. Which, how often will that actually occur? Especially without duration stacking to put up long duration Regen effects. Many applications of Regen only last for a few seconds, meaning you'd need a bunch of sources to apply Regen within a small timeframe AND then have build discrepancies such as some people having Healing Power while others have no Healing Power but a ton of Regeneration amp effects to even have a case where you'd lose tick efficiency. Im pretty sure regen caps at 5 stacks, not 25.
  9. But thats actually really good? Icerazors alone is 3.3k DPS on a Power Renegade. That doesnt even include the extra damage it provides through dance on death. Its one of the best skills for Power Renegade. Legends in general are super boring. Sadly.Mallyx, Shiro, Jalis. If you want to maximize DPS you press one Skill and then forget that the legend exists. Overall i agree though. Revenant needs way more weapons. Not only for power. We dont even have a ranged Main Hand Only Weapon.
  10. If its for players that often switch builds, why am i limited to only 6 equipment slots? I highly doubt anyone even knew what to do with this. I can imagine this being one of the reasons why its such a mess.Not talking about traits (they also have issues), because swapping them is super easy and was never annoying to me. I didnt need it with arc, it was just nice to have.
  11. Thats because the system is bad, not because it may or may not be targeted to a small percentage of players.Anet took away a working and free option so they could sell a template system (its not even templates) that to this day is a broken mess. My skills on renegade constantly swap places and this week i couldnt really play the game because i couldnt swap any traits on any of my classes. The entire system is broken and overly complicated. Thats why its not the big money makes.
  12. But you said "When the game only caters to a small amount of players". That doesnt have anything to do exclusivity. No one wanted them to stop developing stuff everyone can complete.
  13. No one ever wanted them to only cater to a small audiance. People just wanted a bit more than 3 Bosses every 9 months.
  14. Yeah, of course you can carry 9 other people through strikes. I did so on Heal Scourge and got more frustrated with every single day. I couldnt play the classes i wanted, because ive never heard of a DPS Ele being able to save the group from dying to random stuff. Its just so much more healthy for my mental to look for groups with LI. Most of them are still bad, but at least i can play what i want and still get strikes done. No, i dont. I want to clear stuff as fast as possible because it feels really nice seeing those healthbars melt. And now you think that every raider thinks the same. Surprise, we dont. Some only clear raids for the loot, others because they have fun doing so. Theres a reason why some people clear bosses multiple times a week.
  15. I know it doesnt have anything to do with the actual discussion and that Power Renegade is mostly a meme, but its also really tanky.Battle Scars and Soulcleave Summit heals for so much. I guess you could also take Jalis instead of Shiro if you are really struggling with something.
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