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nade holo build


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Hello thereAfter a looong break i returned to the game a few months ago and last weeks i fought some engi's in pvp who just destroyed me.They stacked 25 might very fast and easily and 25 vulnerability on me.Plenty of cc, i could barely hit them hard cuz they had almost nonstop protection and blinds but their dmg was... insaneI asked 1 engi how and he said: the nade holo build.Does somebody knows what build it is?I guess with traits: explosives 1-3-1? , holosmith 2-3-2? and then inventions 1-1-1? but how do u stack might then? chose the alchemy over inventions but then u dont have the protection?I dont get it. I tried with alchemy but i never reached 25 might…

Which amulet and runes?

its a big mistery for meCan some-one explain it to me?


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@Baest.4061 said:but with that build u dont stack 25 might. It was Always a 1 vs 1 so he couldn't get boons from othersand can u stack 25 vuln in like 3 seconds?

You can stack 25 might with the nades holo build. ECSU (easily maintaining 100 or more heat) and HGH will get you easy big might stacks, since it uses alchemy 2-2-1.

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