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new Raid ideas

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Following the advise of Bobby Stein over on reddit, let's write down some ideas for new raids. Please don't say "We will never see a new raid" or something. Let's just show that we want a new raid and give some ideas.

My idea: A Cantha based Raid for the next expansion. Maybe we have to deal with gangs in the capital who try to sabotage the commander. Of course the actual story of the raid in part depends on the story of the next expansion. So it is hard to tell what might be possible. But I'd find a raid that deals with some gang stuff really cool.

What ideas do you guys have?

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It would be cool to have a icy and frosty raid during this LW saga. With claw of jormag or a legendary icebrood as a final boss. With some frost legion and ice elementals as mini bosses or minions in the raid. Or it could be a big charr war machine as a boss like CA in W6 or something like thatIt might be fun

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