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Rakkan in Cursed Shore

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I need this events

  • Help Rakkan collect Risen fish oil glands for Merla (80)
    • Accompany Rakkan as he tests Merla's undead camouflage potion (80)
    • Destroy the Risen broodmother to free Rakkan (80) inCursed Shore but they doesnt spawn! Help pls
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I've yet to see this event chain bug out in all the years I've been playing.

I think your issue is that you may not realise there is a previous event that needs to be done at Cachistic R&D in Cursed shore, where you rid the camp of Tar Elementals, before Rakkan is sent on his quest chain by Merla. The event in question is


If you do that Rakkan will spawn and do the events you need.

Hope this helps

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@Popo.6385 said:I have waited and done nearby events, and have been coming back regularly over 5 days. Neither the tar elementals nor the risen broodmother have spawned.I need things from Rakkan for my legendary hammer, and I have been stuck on this !

Best to try right after a patch, when all stalled events reset. (Next one on the 19th.)

Good luck.

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