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Wvw Base Guardian feedback?


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At first sight that build is 140% wrong for pvp/WvW:

Toughness is useless outside PVE.

Dont use signets, that elite signet is the worst, theres only 1 elite for guardian wich is Renewed focus(refresh your virtues).

Meditations are mandatory, for condi cleanse and heals...

Low health that means ur gona get wrecked by condis in 1 second, try to run arround 17k hp.

U got no condi cleanse.... WvW is mandatory and favourable have loads of condi cleanse the more the better... ANet borked up the balance long time ago...

Change your amulets to MARAUDER stats , sacrifice that useless armor to 3.5k only (the more u invest in toughness less it counts, .3.5 is the max armor after that wont make any effect, even probably 2.9-3k is more than eneught if u can build for more easy damage output).

PS: GW2 is game where players can be carried with damage output, dont bet to much on defense its useless.

Try something like this, u can change radiance back to zeal and trait GS + symbols damage, deppends wich weapon u play more IMO.Meditations give fury wich is really good to increase damage output, and they heal you for free 2k heals w/o invest on healing power, they also have good condi cleanse (not enought to the current condi spam game has but no class probably has it)I choosed cluelty over bloodlust sigil since with some might from crits, u can reach close to 3k power, and with cruelty u can do over 200% crit damage wich will melt anyone with high toughness (Anet made toughness a useless stat mostly for players get easy access to damage, u could have 5k ARMOR, u couldnt bunker some builds due their damage output ).I prefer the blind on F1 so i take radiance, blind is better than block... for stated reasons.



P.S 2..<block from shelter nowadays is mostly useless in WvW since lot of classes have unblockables and some can share that arround its allies, low CD condi cleanse with heals with the adition of getting heals from damage output is better than shelter.IF DH f3 block wall is mostly useless shelter is even more useless.. due the ammount of unblock, shelter will get easilly interrupted and u wont get the heal, shelter will enter in full CD.

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