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  1. Under the Specter? Tough that was a heavy weight, some mechanic defining the gravity pull strength??? INC nerf gravity! (Edit: omg double post of shame)
  2. Add a Jalis rev for more 50% damage reducer :) Armored Shroudception. Wonder if its another type of barrier , if they wil stack or if targets in shroud barrier cant gain barrier and vice versa.
  3. Think i listened to "they give protective shroud to allies" so if a thief is supporting a necro does that makes it shroudception? I loved the singularity skill animation.
  4. It is actuaslly the class with more build diversity in the game :O Theres decent sinergy between legends! Racials skills... only norn ones will get u carried :P heheh
  5. expert in all weapons.. master of none, u need to push some extra against a master of certain weapons/gimicks :P
  6. This^. Way to much imo, and yet its not even the stat that gives more healing ouput. Ence removing the toughness for something else like power/crit or only crit would make it more balanced stat, but would make the minstrell large blobbers QQ alot, since they would have to play more with active defenses rather than spam and stack.
  7. check how much power a minstrell with 25stacks fo m8 has. and some other buffs from wvw and other classes. Basicly u end with arround 2k power and all the defensive stats and perma boons. What retaliation are u talking about? so people die to 200-300 damage retaliations and minstrell that can reach 700-1k damage and be supper tanky in blob with perma buffs is useless for power build? IF u go all out support u should be squishy or have low HP, +Healing power+Boon Duration stats should do not have Toughness and Vitality together as well. IN celestial is more balan
  8. IMO celestials stats are good overall, still weak for some, excelent for others classes and m8 be quite strong for one or other build that has strong quoficient usage, overall in good spot. About minstrels, it doesn't need to be removed at all, just swap the toughness for precision and every one will do some more damage (slightly) to cover the big nerf/balance patch that occurred in the past, while being more punishive to run boon bals with all the defensive stats (would be more like a risk reward balance thing), this way more support stats could start to be used over time rather than e
  9. I think i got a good example of that: Perma daze thief is still possible, but since is slightly harder to start the daze spam towards target 90% if not all of players that play that build say its impossible to do it, just because it went slightly harder and use a non meta build/ traits. It went from super popular to no existent and yet still possible and super mega efective(its actually broken :P) if the thief manages the perma daze. edit, trying to mantain Vindicator as a power build mainly but with some support'ish. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAExzlZSMsTyj
  10. Well if the cleave ur talking is the auto atk from bow when traited, its a range skill, and theres already good amount of absortions and reflects to counter it.
  11. Half of support skill is a rune to work on a t-rex trying to reach somthing out of its range. AOE Stability or resolution on dodge/leap with a ICD, maybe, this would work better than try to boost something that's 240 range arround the caster and its on a flip coin CD.
  12. More vigor on rune would be hilarious, the leap can be already spammed but can be interrupted and cc under some situations, that would transform WvW in FvF Frogs vs frogs :D, can u image 80vs80 perma leaping with a very very short delay. (EDIT)The rune m8 end at being some 6th effect when using Legendary Alliance utils, looks like its the description of this utilities, i can imagime some resolution or resistance, but that could make V quite dependent on its 6th rune effect for performance rather than tactic/way to play.
  13. And EBG map as well :) its actually the worst map of all... i call it the map for plebs that like to run and hide. Wussies!
  14. One shot crap and high preparation builds to burst target imo are 2 diferent things, there were alot of low effort builds back in the days, things now players need to put some more effort at least. I dont think that only certain glassy builds can do damage, every one can but no one want to take the risk reason the current hooarding and stacking of misntrells and traiblazers, the risk to run power was less before since was not hard to powercreep targets there didnt existed a real high risk high reward was a bit balance bait to keep alowwing such gimmicks to exist, note that pl
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