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  1. When your team members dodge the tablet u send to heal or to cast the dome to avoid getting spiked by range xD. When your team member was runing away from enemy at 30% health and now its runing away from your tablet like its an enemy atack... but now towards the enemy... When your team embers gets out of your dome and enters in enemy dome and expect to be healed. I am a sad ventari user since its release :( all t he changes ive seen Anet doing are not helping they are actually making tablet weaker while mantaining all the problems.
  2. Just put boon duration on non tanky/support stats plus remove boon duration and condi duration again from celestial or give to other stats the diference of stats that celestial as more so all stats have the same total stats. Or wait until Anet remove half of all stats on armor and implement a personal + - stat destribuition system for players to spread the other half of the points xD where boon duration will need more stats to be efficient. One thing for sure players balance on spam gameplay enforced by Anet, one should have strong boons or long duration boons but never both this should be the main idiology on the boon system.
  3. IF they do the 2 means that the trait of herald shield could boost something on the shield :D But imo QOL on on the root would be more critical or buff the shield to something strong where its tradeoff its a root that can get the rev killed or simple remove it.
  4. LamerNet creates gimmicks for wining dont expect clever and inteligent gameplay on metas. Inteligent people for this developers are the players that accept anykind of mechanic that carries, that's how good gw2 got their bad reputation as well over time on PVP.. they dig their own hole due awfull ideology on the gimmick gameplay to performance.
  5. That is the problem It is not 1 skill that gets reduced is ALL skills on the group and permanently, the gameplay with permanent CD reducing is way more offensive than w/o it it can make a totally diference especially on ammo skills that spam boons. Sidenote: Btw regen isnt much an offender since its boon and its afected by poison, it is actually the most fragile healing type in the game, and the class that could put regen over 1k has been nerfed, it used to do 1.4k pert tik per players x10 alies. Best usage of it is now only on Druid Avatar form and on healing skill.
  6. The big ofender is not the dome itself since while the rev has it active cant do much unless its a vindicator dodge jumping while dome is open. Imo theres a bigger offender into the dome performance besides vindicator stupid gameplay of dodge spam that is boosting the dome wich is the deamon trait that gives +1 energy wich actually makes the dome INFINITY uptime..
  7. That's exactly what alacrity is ment for where u can spam all that protection, regeneration, stability, fury, and might more oftem in a zerg since the skills that apply those boons get their CD reduced. Groups inside the blob tend to have permanent alacrity.
  8. forget it, since touch zergs balls Anet would rather remover siege.
  9. HOT was the start of the downfall plus tons of bad changes made favoring boon spam made it far worse towards the stupidity level we are now.
  10. Meanwhile ic zergs doing more pvd than ever.... WvW seams working 100% fine for Anet they always wanted the no fight game with PVD zerg, they stated that when they introduced EOTM into the game.
  11. I assume this is because the no CD or low CD relics that work on elite skills. How to make relics look balanced in one go: Ruin everything else :) that relic is boosting. I dont mind the 15sec CD but Anet could make the energy stored boosting the heal output of the skill itself as a compensation, also would give more reasons for rev to kinda be tactical if put on danger by storing energy or would be forcerd to use it and enter in CD. Imo it should boost the ammount of condi cleanses or the heal value. If i recall its a 2k(give or take) heal @2200 healing power with a ton of output heal modifiers this way @100% would heal arround 4kish same as revenant shield also on a 15sec CD
  12. If u notice some delay of sounds vanishing during gameplay that's disk/os cache related nothing to do with the packages.
  13. Anet will buff it by add aoe boons to 100 blades moooar boons.
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