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  1. It requires much more skill to run on open field while there 10 snipers pointed at you :P 10 solo sniper vs 1 on open field still count as a duel :P I think players should point what is broken in that skill and how/what build they are runing, and what is needed on the ranger side to achieve such kill burst at that range. note: i know game most time borks up animation and all what players will notice is the direct hits animation and damage from range skills, game wont even render the arrows just the direct damage on cast with hit just the hit animat
  2. Bring back 10 ally targets for herald :| outside pve :| small groups and zergs already have perma all boons, tghere even groups of 15-20 with 6-8 scrappers , perma superspeed and alot of boons by just one scrapper :P Herald facets uptime will be used anyway or legend swaped. cmon Anet!!!!
  3. The mats for the skysacle sadle i worked them on wvw since some rteward tracks are giving 1 full stack of the materials :P since its the gameplay i spent most time that made skyscale easier for me. Was like screw pve time gated weird materials gathering.. im gona WvW...
  4. a grup of scrapper together could stil kil have all boons and perma domes... @op i would say ur team lacks scrappers, just make a scrapper or play in a team of some scrappers only group and u will never have issues with this game. Ranger are good to snipe open field plaayers that cant close gaps nor have range defense... seam like a bit of logic. TDLR Scrapper now is the way to go. @HARDOFREADING.7298 wait forAnet give the same workarround to lb2 that gave to hammer rev 2 LOL Usually idk if still works but if u see a target entering in ste
  5. With the amount of AOE spam this game has all birds went to instinction. Reason ice is melting as well in some zone, while the ice dragon is trying to fix it..
  6. If this was wroten some months ago i would just say it .. yeah right... playrs with supower powers that make their toons work faster than the game itself.... But....actually ive been in some scrapper or holo strange nade spam + bomb kit situations, sometime i feel players are using package editing and being buffed on top of that by quikcness like some random nade spammer being holo or scrapper kills me down arround 1sec burst where the fight was ok with some other one at that momment like a duel and some one comes and burst u in 1 sec.. with a ton of nades and pbm, otherwise i wo
  7. @Thornwolf.9721 hammer jalis is still quite decent :| hamer had those strange try of reworks but still on decent spot.
  8. @LucianTheAngelic.7054 Fyi - staff removes 2 condis and its a heals and blast - shield 5 removes 1 per pulse with 4 pulses roots the caster and unblockables can kill it, also bad skill if u have torment and isnt the 1st condi to get cleared. - shield 4 removed 1 condi aoe and its a aoe heal and prot
  9. For sure will be something towards cantha im betting on GS lengend toon or daggers maybe vizu/nika or some other assassin boss from cantha. Yep pretty much always had that feeling since atm what is lackin is a pure dps spec.
  10. Yup prety much that still Anet stated it as a support (GlintCare lol), imo even on that Anet need to QoL it, the only heal that herald has is the passive 1.2k regen for 10 players on pve and have it for five players outside pve, and regen is a meh boon. I could say that kinda reminds the paragon support for gw1 gvg make alies move faster while recovering health with the ticks from regen but compared with what other offer.... Herald feels incompelte outside some gimicks runing wich resolves arrount stacking might and fury to swap for a shiro burst or 1 skill elemental blast for condi use
  11. Anet stated some time ago that Herald would be support'ish wich imo is where they need to kinda QoL it a bit arround :) IMO for sure we m8 be getting some pure DPS elite spec that can be paired well with shiro! Its th eonly explenation why Anet has not touched much of it.
  12. Herald ventari also has cleanses on its F2 and a cleanse on tablet, plus players atacking trough its dome will trigger a condi cleanse, the ventari elite can clear 10 condis from each of the 5 targets yeah hard to pull if not impossible since it need the ventari rev to be AFK and fill its enegy.. 2 things that need to be changed in Rev legends imo mor urgent isthe the old deamon resistance skill that pulls condis (forgot its name )and ventari elite skill.
  13. gvg in gw2 is a joke :) Theres no support for it, as in its just clashing out of stealth bomb with a full stacker gimmicks, theres no team splits, team objectives, clever gameplay on tactics, besides find a gimmicks for sustain and damage on a full stacked group... been there and felt like a joke of pretenders like something existed in a good design... note: really pitty that Anet nerver gave us a ladder and a organized GvG scheme like we had or similiar to gw1. The gh in gw2 are also useless...
  14. next buff will be a healing thief LoL minstrell healing thief thats twhen hief will become meta :P cause WvW is misntrell or condi or GTFO! Joking asside, i think thief damage is really good outside pve(idk thief damage on pve) making it a class with a higher know how 2 play m8 not be a bad thing. Thing m8 be non dps stats players want to play thief like a warrior wich is what ic most time and they loose damage and crit damage overall with poor usage of thief and its elites utilities.
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