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Eight year birthday gift

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The infusion and amulet are an anniversary gift for gw2's 8th anniversary - not a birthday gift. So they should come out on the 25th. The 8th birthday gifts for your character may come early (beginning today) because the birthday system does not take into account leap years so some characters receive the birthday presents early. So you should be getting the anniversary gifts in 2 days.

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You get the character's individual gift in the mail and then the account-wide stuff is in a pop-up achievement chest which appears when you open the mail.

Make sure you're on the character you opened the mail with and check to see if there's any bouncy chests in the bottom right corner. If not check to see if the Birthday - Year 8 achievement is completed (it comes under Hero achievements). If you've got the achievement and not the chest you'll probably need to contact Support.

(The pop-up chest gives you a consumable item called Dedicated Anniversary Achievement Box and you have to open that to get the infusion and amulet, so check you haven't got the box in your inventory too.)

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