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Looking for a power scrapper rotation


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I've been playing power scrapper in raids and fractals, and I've managed to put together a rotation that deals roughly ~22k dps with all offensive boons, but I've heard of others reaching as high as 30k.

What is the optimal dps rotation and/or skill priority for power scrapper?

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Snowcrows only has Holosmith. For Scrapper they list a healer. Likewise metabattle and discretize. Metabattle lists one power scrapper, and it's for Open World - so no rotation listed as Open World is basically the no-skill-required-or-desired space for rolling a cat's butt over the keyboard and collecting loot... O.o

Thus my other thread asking what is wrong with power scrapper that results in not seeing it anywhere?

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I've played a good bit of power scrapper, and it has potential to do well on cleave heavy fights. It can pemenantly upkeep scholar rune thanks to barriers, and it can wrack up massive numbers thanks to the lack of target cap on shredder gyro.

So far my makeshift rotation has been

Shredder Gyro and Grenade Barage on cooldown

Hammer 2-5-3-2Nade 2-5-4Bomb 2

Bomb until Shrapnel grenade is up

Shrapnel grenade

Bomb until fire bomb is back up

Bomb 2


Bomb and Shredder gyro toolbelts are saved until breakbar damage is needed.

I've been able to do about 22k damage in single target encounters with this, but I've heard of others getting as much as 30k.

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Try it on the golem to see the benchmark. I think I had a 24/25 k dps scrapper. I did see a 30 k with Throw Mine in the build. It also had no Kits.

The highest you will get is obviously with Firearms and Explosions.

The biggest problem with anything you try on Scrapper... Its not meant for pure dps. The whole traitline is selfbuffing, superspeed and getting tonky.So anything you do with it, will be subpar to holo.

Getting it to tank in Raids is also subpar, because tanks just evade and dodge a lot. so scrapper is a fun open world/pvp spec, but not great in dps checks.

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