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Some drawings of invented golems and destroyers types


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So to start with destroyers:

-The first one is a little doggy/canid, it's pro is that it is pretty fast and can evade quite easily to reach the target, as example, while everyone is occuped with the big ones like trolls or harpies, it will profit from that and rush to the power supply.

-The second one kinda look like a destroyer troll, but it is in fact inspired of golems. It has recycled some parts and incorporated them: They use them to create discharges of fire waves and extreme heat exhaust.

-The third one, is a mix between a fire slug and a wurm, it targets equipements and mettalic structures to melt them. They can also make a big jump to land on the target, generally, sticked to the torso, head or flanks.

-The fourth one is a primordius magic corrupted grawl. It is able to cast magics, and essentially summon the fifth destroyer drawn in addition of fire elementals or earth elementals. It can also summon sulfurous imps.

-The fifth one can be considered as a primordius corrupted shade. But no, it is the opposite of ice elementals/branded vortexes roaming around and creating storms: This one create an heavy ash fog and increase the heat around, it also break the ground and help summoning destroyer drawing 3 "the slug wurm" and 1 "fire doggy". The origin could be a shade corrupted by primordius or totally new elemental.

Now the golems.

-First can be peacemakers ultimate intervention golem. I called it, "Power Suit Mark XVII Dreadnought". Between the two horns (and mystic diodes, those electricity charged pillars), you have a cockpit, that work like scuffy. A peacemaker officier can take sit here. The suit is able to generate its own protective forcefield, laser gauntlets which can also carry weapons like a sword and a shield. The energy, to prevent overheat is evacuated by its back, thanks to a cooling vent. Can do destructive attacks but need time from time to build up energy again.

-The second is an upgraded cube golem, compared to the normal power cube mark III, it is able to move way faster and carry supplies around, carrying even faster than normal mark I or II golems. It can sran for threats too.

-Third is shield generator. It keeps rotating crazily in all directions on itself, and generate a protective shield to the individual near it. Perfect for evacuations or explorations if the user isn't protected or don't have a shield.

-Fourth is barrier. A very thin golem. That looks like a plate/wall. More plating and so resistant than usual golems, it can be used ad a barricade. By putting several of them side by side, it creates a strong wall made of metal and holo-energetic wall. It is possible to see what the golem see through a datapad, paking the user safe of staying away or behind it.

-The last one, the fifth, is an anhilator. It has 3 golem eyes: One to see, one to scan, one to target precisely. It attacks using the six cubic formations around the core. Once a target is designed, those six compoments starts throwing laser beams on the target. It looks like a flower when deployed: Once started, it starts floating above the ground and create a "stem" linking it's core block to the module on the ground.

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I0E8LQl.jpgI redrew some destroyers, but with a more insect-oid style, I noticed that gw1 destroyers, and even when looking closely to gw2 destroyer trolls that they have insects traits like mandibles or cheliceras and so I did another serie of destroyers samples taking an insect aspect into account.

About the names, well dunno but here how I see them work:1- top left, "Trap". It is hidden in the ground, on surfuce, only some small volcanic fissures and rumbles. But if you step on it without paying attention, you are immobilized and its wings capture you in a kind of cocoon while the head try to eat your helmet and the dart ruining the rest of your armor, a swarm of them can eacily destroy light cannons or charr cars rapidly.

2-top middle, "Dweller". It acts like a dolphin, jumping around alternating foraging and jumping in air, it generates lava rain under it, so have to avoid behind under it while it does a high jump. Once anybody spotted, it just start jumping toward you, maybe trying to stun you with it's heavy head.

3-top right, "Incubator". It carries around a lot of destroyer crabs in its big spider like back, it can fly thanks to moth like wings. However, it seems to only uses its wings to increase speed and rush to the foes or creating fire and ash tornadoes.

4-bottom left "Parasite". Can jump like a grasshopper, it jumps on the first thing it see and simply stick to it until completely burnt.

5-bottom mid "Sky demon". The back has firefly wings and is as thin as a leaf. Most of the rest is mantis like. It is a bomber, it keeps in altitude and almost never go on the ground once fight is engaged. It then throw explosive eggs and fire bombs all around.

6-bottom right "Scout". It has a strange organ on it's back that act like a sensor transmitting informations to all others destroyers. Its two claws are alaways in fusion, to create paths for follwoing troops if none available, it as a very corrosive mouth appendice too. The Dart has a strange function, it isn't to sting, but to emit a strong shockwave by hitting the ground rapidly.

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