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Unable to see friend whose F2P (Resolved)

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So my friend just started an Asura on a F2P account (I am paid), and finished the tutorial area. She is new to gaming, so this is kind of a struggle to begin with, but no matter what I do I can't seem to end see her, and vice versa. I see her walking around on the map, but its like we are in different instances. There is no "Join in" button either when right clicking.

Re-created party, left map and rejoined, even selected a different character.

Nothing seems to work.

Resolution: Come to find out, she went to EU. Wasn't aware she did that, nor aware that you couldn't cross over too.

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@Alien On Vacation.3581 said:So you cant play with f2P players? WTH is THAT

I take it you didn't read the OP's update, or any of the replies? The problem is that the OP is on an NA server and their friend is on an EU server. Players in different regions can't play together no matter what kind of account they have.

Everyone in the same region shares the maps and can play together. Free players can't access expansion or living world maps of course, but on core maps they'll share with paid accounts.

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