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Attribute rework/cleanup

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The attribute system is pretty messy and could stand a rework/cleanup. There'd be a lot of resulting balance work, but IMO it'd be worth it. Here's what I'd propose:

a. Precision and Ferocity can be rolled into one attribute. They thematically fit together and it would give us symmetry between primary and secondary attributes (4 and 4). I would probably call this attribute Finesse or Expertise (I could think of a better name for +condition duration). This would allow power-focused toons to utilize a utility or defensive attribute in their build and result in greater build variation in the game. I also think this would help bring parity between the overall effectiveness of power and condi focused builds in the game, especially since power builds need defense more than condi builds do, and make them easier to balance versus one another.

b. Toughness should reduce all forms of incoming damage as well as reduce the duration on control effects, although it shouldn't reduce condition damage as much as it reduces direct damage. This would make the attribute more competitive in the meta and just generally more interesting.

c. Vitality should be reworked to grant endurance regeneration, which would allow Vitality to serve a more interesting function of countering burst damage within the active combat system. Maybe it could still grant a bit of extra health, maybe not. I'd probably support just removing the health bonuses from Vitality and placing them on secondary effects like runes/sigils/food in pace of + endurance regen. This would necessitate a nerf to Vigor, which is OP anyway as boons go.

d. Healing Power and Condition damage should be reverted to flavor names since they're the only two that aren't at this point - Spirit and Malice, respectively. These just roll off the tongue better and are less ambiguous in the context of build & mechanics discussions.

e. Revenants should get an energy-based profession attribute. Profession attributes should all be reverted to flavor names and should be made available on new stat combos.

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Two of those are not redundant. The third one is, which I edited to indicate that it was because I can't delete it. I don't care if a mod removes it. Maybe next time don't comment on a post purely to be a condescending douche and instead actually contribute to the discussion.

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