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2 vs 2 versus 3 vs 3


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When the game started to use this sort of mini seasons of 2-3 weeks between the regular Conquest seasons I wasn't sure which one I liked the best. But now, after a few seasons used to them I have a more clear of which one I prefer.

Is 3 vs 3. Is not due 2 vs 2 favours premades a bit more, but because after the damage nerf in February is really easy to craft a team of two builds able to endure the damage of two enemies focusing a single player, whereas in 3 vs 3 a focus of 3 will always end in someone in the floor, even if is one of the attackers. In 2 vs 2 I'm finding that sometimes the four players reach the cap time being alive, after long exchanges of burst and cc combos which still are unable to deal with the "wet towel" effect which permeates the meta. And not having kills in a game mode with no secondary goals feels terrible...

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