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[WvW] A fun core Rifle build


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Power Cannon

Been enjoying this build a lot. Although it has some very obvious weaknesses such as; poor Condition cleanse, poor sustained damage, and low mobility- it can still truck pretty hard. Explosive Entrance + Pry Bar is a very high damage pair almost on par with Grenade Barrage. Often times I'm seeing Pry Bar hit around 6 - 8k with EE hitting 3 - 4k meaning depending on the health of my target I can do 50%> of their health in "one" hit.

Being a core build it is very risky, but it feels nice to play and has good pay off if you land your skills. Throw out some Mortar shells to keep pressure at your feet, smack people with Pry Bar when ever you can, get your Jump Shot loaded with EE at range so you don't proc it on the first hit, and if you can afford to use Elixir U offensively you can try Toolkit auto attacking. All of these skills hit quite hard with this build. Although Toolkit auto attacks are extremely slow and not the best thing to be spamming in most cases, it's good filler damage if you use it right, and the third hit can go anywhere from 4 - 8k.

As per usual when I share builds I want to add a disclaimer that this really isn't a "good" build so much as it is effective and fun. It has lots of counters and can be tricky to use, but it has enough utility to be more than a gimmick and often seems to surprise people with how hard it can hit.

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@Dawdler.8521 said:At the very least take streamlined kits so you dont move like a winnebago with 3 flat tires.

Lolol, I thought about using that and Speed runes, but I'd have to drop most of my Valk to stay at a decent crit chance. I'm slow, but I have at least some mobility with Rifle 5, Acid Bomb, and Toss Elixir U to kite around in combat. I've been doing okay without the trait, but it would definitely be a good alternative if anyone feels like trying the build.

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