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Soulbeast stances effects don't proc as often as described in the tooltip.

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There are some utility skills (vulture stance, One Wolf Pack stance) which in the description is written:

  • Interval 1/4 second.

When actually the interval it procs every 1/2 seconds.

Tested with rapid fire on Golem:4 hits/second for 2.5s provides only 5 procs of the vulture stance.Tested with Spike Barrage (bristleback) on Golem5 hits/second for 2s provides only 4 procs of the vulture stance.

Same can happen with One Wolf Pack if it's an issue of the interval.

This is an issue as it makes the stances to bring less value than they are supposed to, Predators Cunning will not heal as it is supposed to because Vulture stance does not proc often enough and the Elite skill will deal a limited amount of extra damage no matter which skill is used ( adding quickness to basic attacks will not proc the stance more often ).

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