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need healbrand tips


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You usually want to prebuff might and quickness at mistlock for fractals. Do not prebuff for raids; it doesn't work.

Main priority is to keep mantra of potence @ 1 charge; keep using the other 2 charges to maintain quickness. Try to keep the axe symbol down too so fury isn't a problem as well. Empower from staff is good enough to keep might and heals going.

Being healbrand requires knowledge of mechanics. People will expect you to aegis them through the big boss telegraph attacks which you can with your heal skill. Usually some bosses have a particular nasty part where they can wipe your party; tome 3 is good for that. Tome 2 should only be used to recover if everyone is too low. Don't use the last charge unless you will die.

Remember to use axe 3/shield 5/tome 1 to help break bars. When you have nothing better to do; use your axe 1/2 to deal in some extra damage (don't just stand there).

In raids, might is generally taken care of by other sources (typically druid), so you're there mostly to maintain heal slack and quickness on your party.

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