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  1. It seems much better this time around, but looks like many communities have already prepared and haven't seen any major bugs. Also people are still defending things interestingly enough.
  2. We have a few people that only ping things after it flips to guilt trip us or something. Or they're just really slow, which is probably why it flipped to begin with. Needless to say, alliance week is a good week away from them.
  3. Backloaded rewards are always crap, especially in a game that usually does the opposite. I say we should increase the max tickets to 420/week, and also make it so that you earn all your tickets by Mithril. Diamond will award no tickets but should receive much better rewards. We should get a ascended feast, and small amounts of guild siege at the end of it. Slightly edited skins are boring, give us something more practical. Reaching Diamond last week should give you a VIP status for more stuff. We also need a legendary WvW earring and/or amulet. This should help those p
  4. I mean they could have taken the opportunity to bring in those buffs to other classes to provide competitive suppport of other classes, as well as the buffs to direct damage. But instead... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... PvE only... Now I'm glad they are making mode specific changes but it's pretty clear it's a pve patch. So as is, yea interesting nerf but the immediate effects may be disappointing. It would have been great if they didn't delete Bubble, but we'll see.
  5. Gosh why would they file that under a subforum nobody reads? 😮
  6. Well some people may be trying to kill the siege but in most cases they end up doing a whole lot of nothing. Even if you could down someone, they would get instantly res'd, and if they didn't, they're probably a low value member to the squad anyways
  7. When I see this I just tell them it's a tower. (or whatever). But it's probably worse if they just link random ruins. Who the heck remembers those names? Although why do people not pull invul and just let the wall fall?
  8. Yea I'm afraid alliances aren't going to suddenly make people afraid to lose. I think it's really funny when the badkitten fight guilds will camp one side of the bridge. Do they really expect the enemy pugs they outnumber to take the initiative lol? But the final note of hilarity is when they tell you they have 23.... "in squad". No, the green dots don't count, nor does that sidecar guild of 12-15 count, or that other guild over there. Or that part of your guild that's not repping but playing gank. And the spies. If they somehow manage to lose, they then make their tag visible a
  9. Not even that. In any form of pve where there's a chance of failure, people change their tune quite quickly. Heck, look at the Cursed Shore incident lately: https://www.pcgamer.com/guild-wars-2-players-cant-stop-winning-a-group-event-they-desperately-want-to-lose/ This is where people were trying to stop people from doing an event because the geniuses that design this game thought that we should fail events on purpose. We had people flaming other people for playing the game just because they couldn't handle not getting their 7th legendary or whatever quickly. One person eve
  10. It's always the same cycle of fite guilds banding together to avoid fighting each other and then this goes on for about 6 months until someone argues over who didn't do the dishes in SMC and it breaks apart for about a year until people forget why they hate each other and rebrand. Honestly, Alliances will probably be the same kitten but it'll be harder for find PPT slave labor to leech off of. Some of the more clever ones do stuff like not rep a guild while running to trick people but if they pull that crap off, they deserve all the siege sniping and non-content only WvW can get.
  11. Definitely less, specifically if it's a dead WvWer.
  12. 1.) Don't need to. Even if it required 5 min of WvW there would still be crying. 2.) I have plans to make Bay fishable. >.> Also from reading all these Mag posts, it would seem they either have superpowers and can be at 12 different entrances at the same time. So that leads me to 3 possibilities. 1.) People from Mag are some kind of supernatural cthulu, like entity 2.) Someone is actually just a cult member making this stuff up. 3.) Players are just really, really bad, and cannot leave EB. I feel one of these conclusions is easier to make.
  13. PvE only gives you one legendary ring which is unique; you have to do Conflux if you want two. The PvE ring is also quite hard I think. But rings are so easy to get in pve that going for legendary ones is more of a vanity item. It's not like many stats are useful in pve anyways (or WvW either) Of course, it's general tradition to have stuff handed to you in this game, so it does feel off at times. I personally think we should have an extra pve ring and wvw earring (All game modes should have complete sets). But regardless of setup, someone's going to cry about it.
  14. Yea, If you're failing plain t4 fractals with supports, I have some bad news for you-- the comp is the last thing to worry about. That being said I made some extra characters dedicated just for running these things, so the system could be better.
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