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  1. A bit off topic, but in many boss fights where they show their name/health bar on the top right, you can just click on that and it'll automatically select the boss for you.
  2. Celestial is only good for some general purpose open world (you can run anything in OW because most mobs have low health), small scale WvW, and support builds. It lacks the damage to be anything in instanced PvE, and is too generalist to be used in zerg WvW. It is nowhere close to being the best stat. It's still incredible niche due to the multiplicative nature of power/precision/ferocity.
  3. I'm sorry you accidentally entered World vs World. In this game mode, players are supposed to kill you. To return to PvE, click the castle icon on the top left of the screen, and then click "leave the mists" on the bottom right. You're welcome and good luck.
  4. As much as I hate Twitter (navigating conversations is annoying as they badger you to login), the Twitter feed is also on the right side of this forum.
  5. Longbow skills are mostly projectiles which is easily negated and the effectiveness of Hunter's Ward is diminished vs groups with high stab uptime It can be nice if you do it as they buff up but you'll get a lot of angry people chasing you xD. But at the end of the day a DH can never replace a firebrand so it instead competes with other DPS. The standard is Staff, Scepter/X because the damage is symbol based and does not get reflected. Your autoattacks being reflected is pretty trivial and you use it in conjunction with Zeal's symbol traits. Traps are highly effective for similar re
  6. True, I mean most of the time idiots pulling EWP just gets the server farmed. It's especially nonsensical in EBG Keep because it's like 10 feet from spawn. Invul is actually useful. Also if you're going for an SMC farm, pulling the Airship to trick people to come is an effective tactic. That thing isn't what it used to be anyways. I mean if you want fights, you can't just like, hump SMC with cloaking waters 100% of the time, and expect people to care. Oh yea, and buff auto turrets.
  7. But.... but what if the guild that puts the tactivators on are the trolls?
  8. Yea, you are still right, but there were quite a few salty voices when the game announced core was gonna be F2P and I felt that was probably ringing in back of their heads. I think they were meaning LS to be given free to folks to log on as a reward for hanging around the game for so long. But at that point LS was by and far optional, but it kept getting more and more stuff and big rewards locked behind it. And then the turning point was them shoving all these plot twists in them, making them not really optional anymore. Nowadays we direct people to LS to get trinkets without a sec
  9. Yea, but those people playing every day also may have had to buy the game for $130 (50 for core, 50 for hot, 30 for PoF). The problem here is that the game does not really emphasize the importance of Living Story so that people think they've bought the full game when they really haven't.
  10. Keep in mind that these sigils are generally best used in open world and/or WvW. In instanced content in fractals/dungeons/raids, there are often not enough enemies to build stacks on, and if you lose them, it's almost impossible to rebuild them.
  11. Well like I said, it should come in with a package with new expansions and explicitly stated. This is the main reason for the confusion. They could make a package for each season, or at this point, just all of the previous seasons.
  12. The game's story is really not the main focus of the game. That's why there's so many levels between each step in the core story as you're supposed to explore the world in between steps. They're more meant to explain the zones that you're heading into. But in the end, this game's not designed to run on rails. There is really no such thing as "doing it as intended". But if you decide to rush to the endgame things like gliders and mounts, then yes, things will be a bit off. I mean it makes no sense to me. Would it be better if you couldn't skip ahead to get gliders or mounts?
  13. Well, taking Quick Draw for 2 barrages is pretty effective. Though vs organized groups that stay tight it starts to lose its effectiveness on open ground. But useful in structures since you ignore LOS.
  14. Yea same thing here. Crashed twice today in WvW.
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