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  1. Realistically speaking they'll never get rid of downstate, so that's not even worth discussing. But it does make sense to nerf downstate health as downstate was not touched while mostly everything else was nerfed, thus buffing it relatively.
  2. People are not golems so it can be hard to use this information. Pirate ship fights will inherently have lower dps, and also fights that go too fast so people inflate their numbers by dpsing downs lol (not this week though). In addition the size of the fight matters. If there are 50 people, you'll have higher dps just because you're less likely to whiff or someone didn't dodge. The supports in your group matters. What's far more important is your spike damage, which is the top of your graph if you click on your own name, and is it comparable to the others of your class and definite
  3. But then, couldn't we argue the "no downstate" did not deter people from queuing the crap out of the map?
  4. Yea that too. I would totally take a /gg option that only applied when down. Though sometimes it's probably not bunkers but people that just aren't that good at killing things in general.
  5. That already happens. But honestly, I never saw that much of a difference. Why are people so afraid of dying that they'll skip it lol? You don't even have to repair anymore
  6. Think bundles and packets make the most sense. Or maybe ascended food even. The price of memories of battle will make everything pretty bad though. Maybe have something that doesn't cost them? Meh.
  7. Umm, so how is removing dire/trailblazer going to impact Power Curses that uses marauder gear lol? Also Explosive Roamer aint got a drop of condi damage on it. Seems like offenders are the specs and traits, not the gear?
  8. I am always curious on how people are getting pulled with mounts around, assuming they're not fighting or using disablers. In the off chance that I do get pulled, dodging twice and a stunbreak usually prevents me from even taking damage at all. The only class without good stab or teleports is necro, but they could also put up spectral walk before going up on top. Heck with that, I usually jump down on my own. 😓 It gets really stupid when it's usually rangers pew pew up on top and that class has many ways to get out of a jam. Finally, if I actuall
  9. Can you ask the mesmer how they did it? Asking for a friend.
  10. I mean engis don't have a downstate anyways, so it's all good. Also people can't make excuses about rallybot "pugs", so it's always funny to see people reaching for the next excuse
  11. To be real here it's probably a blessing that they're running longbow. Many of the very dangerous slbs out there don't even use bow. I wonder how many people are running gank/tanky/mobility builds and are just upset they got caught by a pew pew.
  12. I've only raided a handful of times and the only dps check was Gorseval. But not really. I was getting 10k in Seraph gear (eventually got around to switch to condi quickness fb with vipers and all that. It was still pretty bad and never broke 20k), so with an actual dps role getting 6k? You have to try pretty hard to fail so badly, unless dead most of the time.
  13. Reset night sucks anyways; bunch of blobs and skill lag. No point in waiting in that queue. It's usually better a few hours in but it starts late ;; I usually wait until the wvw maps are greyed out and keep hitting the f button slowly but steadily unless some moron thinks it's funny to drop feasts or whatnot nearby. It's only failed a handful of times. But is it really worth the hassle? That being said, the whole queue system is embarrassing and needs a remake. Character changes, disconnect protects, etc.
  14. Alright, I suppose you have a point. I didn't expect you on your own to fix this with them as things went. There are also quite a few big talkers who haven't backed up anything as well here. If I were Tink personally, I probably would have only done the to part, and the from would be after it gets completed to my satisfaction. But hindsight is 20/20. But whatever. Hopefully things will be better with the next contender.
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