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  1. Yea pugging can be pretty bad if they're not public tags and one has to sorta guess where the fights are and you may not get much help regardless, so sometimes it can become a really one sided affair if those do not want to play like a team. Some groups will often assume their followers are psychic and make their teammates adjust to them. If we talk about selfish behavior as the thread is about, that's probably one of the worst ones. In these cases you just have to develop the skills of being able to detour and grabbing a sentry or camp along the way. Sometimes it pays off to pay attention to green dots on the minimap to wait for people to run back with you.... instead of one at a time. Also when heading back to a tag you also want to take detours especially if you know there are many gankers around. For example, let's say you're on the enemy BL, and the tag is attacking bay across from your spawn. Your server also owns the southwest tower directly south outside of Bay. A lot of potatoes will just mindlessly follow the road straight from spawn to Bay and get picked off approximately west of SW tower because it's right in front of the enemy spawn. Instead they could just go into SW tower and glide out from the lord's room which is less time traveled in enemy territory. Or they could try cutting through east side through the ruins where it's less likely to be noticed. That being said it does take some experience. A lot of less experienced players or simply players not good in small scale should never pass through south sentry area on alpine because that's the easiest place to get killed. Funny enough I saw someone post on Reddit that that's the easiest place for new players to get dailies.... agenda much? If your survivability is a concern, do note most meta builds you find online are designed to be used with an organized group with optimal subgroups, so if you don't have that, you'll probably have to adjust that for more survivability. They usually do not have much mobility, stunbreaks, or cleanse because the group is supposed to be taking care of it. It also helps to simply get known by whatever groups you run with, even if you don't want to join their guild or talk regularly on Discord. Like if they know you are someone they can trust, it'll be good. Also this goes both ways-- they should be people that you deserve your trust too. If you do things right, they should need you as much (if not more) than you need them and this is the best way to succeed in this game mode Also this is a PITA, but if you can devote an extra template for mobility on whatever you're playing it tends to help much with traveling to a zerg in case you get dismounted. Unfortunately this is why I just have characters only for wvw or pve because of template spaces but this isn't about me I guess. Finally, I'd also like to say it's not necessary to join a wvw guild to enjoy WvW. A lot of PvX guilds well have members that sometimes delve into it and can convince the guild for the occasional activity. But the real goal here is to get a few regulars to play with. Even having 3-4 people makes capturing anything exponentially easier, not to mention any tag that wants you must accept you all as a package deal. If you have 5+ people and a tag, you can even make your own squad gain an extra pip even when private, and render the whole group situation moot for the most part. Btw, I think you're on the right track. It's just that growing pains are well... painful at times.
  2. Warrior staff for the party unblockable and core engi mass moa. Turn your boon ball into a boon chicken.
  3. In general , the dodge function is used to avoid the red circles, not to go into them. And nothing can really compensate for the experience gap. A few months is nothing when people have been playing the game for years, so you just have to try and learn. And sometimes you don't know stuff even after years. Recently I picked Rev up again and I didn't remember what the stunbreaks were. So like three people would be like ganking me and I would be reading the tooltips to see which one was my stunbreak, and I eventually found it to survive. That's not a problem with the game. The problem is none of us knew what we were doing. (both me and the enemy) Also yea you shouldn't fight 60 people head on. You mentioned the hit and run tactics, but you should also note the run part.
  4. I mean that's fine; JI isn't going to help you get away without some critters. Also fine. But that's on a 25s cooldown and is made to be spammed. And why wouldn't WB take virtues? CoP should be used as an emergency button, rather than to just clear condis. You have access to f2 and cleansing sigil It's not like the kitten stuff in pvp. Other guardians use CoP to convert immob into resistance but WB shouldn't have any trouble breaking soft cc. IMO, CoP is not necessary. I personally find it hard to not waste it. Especially if you are running something meant for fast kills and it kinda feels like a dead slot vs non-condi. You mean Whirling light, but yea; that is indeed one of the costs of wanting to secure a kill,. I also don't think you are on your last legs when you use renewed focus because all your virtues reset. I mean, yes it can be used to run, but it's also a way of continuing the fight. I mean I understand why people do this. And it's also perfectly fine to prioritize killing over survival. But I'm just saying it's a deliberate choice. And tbh 2 stunbreaks on 25/32 is still pretty solid. But it does require you to play very solidly and not panic.
  5. Well, better inform my guildies they have to CC the bar now.
  6. Well that's the thing right? The forums do not represent the community as a whole, because the forums consists of players that are typically more in the know (ok, sometimes not). The average player probably doesn't know wtf is going on being on some vague things about having to join guilds. If they play in an active time zone, they probably don't care about population issues in other time zones. Heck, I don't myself. At the end of the day, players don't exist in a vacuum. Your average player is also prone to need to follow tags, or at least familiar guilds and groups. But as the game is, public tagging is a lot of work and the game has reach the point where most groups can't take everyone. Part of these reasons are social, but part of this is also heavily gameplay related. And we've seen some links in the beta where it's all entirely invisible small groups that do their own thing. So even if they do not care about what server or guild they are in, it still impacts the gameplay. Of course a more experienced WvW player would be able to play the game without any of that, but I think that's in the minority, even when considering WvW players in general.
  7. Willbender is not inherently squishy. That's a choice by the player. And there's nothing wrong with taking speed relic. Bringing thief into this is not a good argument either; it's not like people like those either. Any class can build squishy and get rekt. These very forums often have 15k hp no stunbreak thieves cry about being deleted when they're not careful and nobody has any sympathy for them for good reason. And if someone gets locked down on a WB because they don't take additional stunbreaks on the one class known for stab, then that's on them. And a lot of WBs only take 1 for whatever reason and that would be considered monumentally stupid if done on another class. I don't necessarily think f2 needs the charge removed. There are other ways to approach it, like reducing the evade frames on it, or absolute resolution clears 2 condis on wb. Also, what is the difference between a WB getting caught, and any other guard getting caught without cd? They don't have ~120 health/second and a block every 40 seconds? That is unlikely to save them either.
  8. Nope, just complaining about it. 😆 But atm, a new player starts the game and probably has no idea what guilds even do, or why they should join them. It's pretty tucked away and many would treat it as some chat room. Guild halls could really use some updates; guess that arena thing wasn't a bad idea but that's niche. The Guild UI is so primitive you can't even see who uses consumables, and of course that disaster of tactivator permissions or pushing siege or whatnot. A lot of it just really sad especially in an established game like this. Players also don't know you can also form small guilds of friends it would seem. Stuff like scribing is pricey and annoying to deal with. It'd also be nice if we had hubs agaain; imagine a certain alliance's version of Lion's Arch or whatever for callouts (currently paywalled by ABastion) I duinno, just some of the stuff we lost. The GvG scene was pretty cool back in the day because it encouraged people to improve and seek content. I suppose some WvWers don't think highly of those that only gvg and wouldn't mind doing so in the absence in a WvW, but that's not everyone. If only we had a working pvp community.... lol.
  9. They should just delete the throw and make torch 5 the main damage skill. This would kill 2 birds with one stone. Yea I suppose that would cause torch to lose its status as a ranged weapon, but let's be honest; the range was a lie anyways. I mean the throw is so pointless since you're throwing it anyways, and torch 5 is deadweight because it's being held back with torch 4 being the main damage. Not exactly a very healthy weapon,
  10. Personally, I think the most chill zerg build is https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Staff_Support Heck, it's even labeled as an easy build. Unlike the other weapon sets, it's not very intense and you can get away by mostly camping water and just healing. Just drop the icicle first (staff 2), before you cast anything else to blast whatever you casted. The most complicated thing is blasting the frost field. Every time you succeed you give people frost aura and cleanse a condi. And if you fail., If you have nothing better to do, you can also dip into earth (probably more needed if your FB is a potato) and give some extra ccs/magnetic aura/stab. Air gives superspeed but it's not the end of the world if you forget. But for the most part you're in water healing people. Like you can also just target someone in your party and heal them with auto. Also med kit scrapper will come back next week.
  11. Well that's the funny thing right? It kinda balanced itself because while endurance food is still really strong, you are foregoing ascended food for that. They probably left it out of ascended food for good reason, and the poors still have that 30% endurance badge food. Also I imagine people don't want that to get hit for obvious reasons. 😆 Funny enough this is also somewhat notable https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Holographic_Super_Cake because people pay quite a lot for that, and despite the ridiculous difference between buy/sell, people do still buy at the higher price. Someone was buying them at exactly the same time in the morning every day. I usually stock up on them when SAB comes out (this is soon!) when I can buy them for cheap though I also eat a fair amount of them just because. But I really suppose the ascended food might be a better choice in some cases; sometimes I fail to dodge anyways and bads like me are better off with -10% damage.
  12. The problem with that is the difficulty of fitting that in an actual build. If you use staff, then you are probably playing a support build, and therefore should not be taking traits that only heal yourself. I suppose you could be in a wvw zerg build where other classes handle all the cleanses but typically in a comp like that you wouldn't really need the heal Furthermore, the enemy group probably has stab some of the time. Longbow has some use but longbow/hammer would be super unwieldy regardless of spec. I suppose you could have some kind of weird pick group involving a willbender and a pocket healer. There may actually be some argument for mace/shield because you don't have to go out of the way and just push people incidentally. Small scale support firebrand may actually need the extra sustain if they intend to use the heal mantra. But any firebrand build that wants to cash in on cc'ing would take stoic demeanor. and lose access to that small kept resolve passive. But I dunno, in all of these cases, I think it's still a better idea to chill the enemy, because even if cleansed messes with their cooldowns a little. And given how all the guardian heal proc traits are generally doomed I just don't think much will happen. Like they sorta took our dodge heal and passed it around Although it sorta begs the question on what a selfish sustain trait is even doing in VIrtues.
  13. The zerg meta for the most part has always been stack in a tight ball to maximize heals and boons. However I think it mostly got enforced with the advent of minstrel gear; meaning people could go full on healer/tank with little drawbacks. Before that boon duration was hard to get and you had people do weird kitten like doubloons lol. The game was at the time not designed for that kind of boon duration. Before this most "supports" were some kind of hybrid wearing some pvt gear and then investing spare stats into damage. But now most roles are just that minstrel stuff. You also had more ways of reducing damage and also the introduction of the resistance boon negating condis (later nerfed to only negate soft cc) so you had a case where it became harder and harder to pick off or separate the part of the zerg that falls behind. Eventually supports became too effective in pve and wvw, and it became inefficient to play without them. And thus the game became balanced around them. And as sustain grew, all those insta res skills also became perferable since it could compensate for any mistake in positioning as long as you stayed close. And then they just went insane with the projectile hate. Projectiles were already pretty weak against a zerg, but certain combinations gurantted practical immunity to projectiles so that many clouders were not only ineffective but actively griefing their team. A quick glimpse of arcdps, usually reveals a minstrel support has a good chunk of damage via reflect-- yes those useless pew pew players are doing negative damage. While that's been toned down a little so that firebrands cannot just spam reflects all day, it's still pretty annoying and tablet is also very popular. Nowadays if you tab through an enemy zerg, you will find anywhere between 60-80% of them being some kind of minstrel support and thus there are very little targets to pick off, and those that do unless wildly out of position are practically instantly res'd. It doesn't help that boon strip is so gutted that like the boons instantly come back, and often just becomes a long war of attrition. Even organized groups will have trouble killing other organized groups of the same size, so people tend to find some dps builds with massive burst (typically holos and berserkers) and hope to catch people unaware. Unfortunately that usually just involves blindsliding an enemy already fighting a third enemy or just farming pugs. And because things tend to follow the path of least resistance, they usually do the later and only fight each other should they have some element of surprise/advantage. I would say the main problem is that it is very boring because it encourages groups to avoid each other. I mean obviously an organized group will always have a massive advantage over people bringing random builds. So yes while it's always been meta to a degree, we shouldn't have to accept in its current state where it's haevily skewed without any real counterplay beyond your opponent falling asleep. Of course some of you will say "git gud, and organize yourselves!". And yes, we should not listen to the walking bags on the forums that seem to be persecuted regardless of meta, it would be a bit foolish to assume that's all the complaints have been coming from. There's many people that do join the commander's discord and saw better results-- but it still comes across as unrewarding on the other side. It's like winning against people that are playing a different game from you, or in some case not playing the game at all. Also I feel like things have gotten much worse over the last year. The direction since SotO has been very unclear.
  14. GvG was probably the last thing on my mind, lol. But that's a symptom of the greater problem-- guilds don't mean much to the avg player.
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