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Ready Check for Fractals (or any 5-group Content)

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There's a ready check of sorts for private DRMs but I don't think a ready check for fractals is in the works because ready check is part of the squad UI. Because pre-booning is common in fractals if someone is running ahead it isn't a good idea regardless ; party leader doesn't really exist in fractals and 5 man content since the kick system is based off votes.

In fact if you forget to set yourself to online or away instead of offline you can't ready check.

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I think a ready-check would not work there either. Some are just super impatient and want to rush regardless of losses. Even a ready check would not really prevent this :/.I know it e.g. in the swampland fractal how often I am wiped with some groups at the lights because someone could not wait until all have "r" written ...These are usually the same people who first leave the group and do not see that perhaps they also belong to the reason for the wipe.

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