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PVE Ranger Build


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Can you suggest a survivable core Ranger build and some rotation tips?

My situation is this - Boosted a Ranger to 80. Bad idea. My thought was to go through the normal leveling areas as a Soulbeast to learn that spec. I was unaware I needed to earn the SLB points in POF. I am not new to MMO's but POF on (to me) a new class is less than ideal. But what is done is done.

In any case I do just fine in many situations. But poorly in AOE situations. So I suspect it is my inexperience with the class and likely poor build. Goal is to finish obtaining the necessary points (already have some) and then run thru a healthy portion of the normal leveling process.

Build / Rotation suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks in advance

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I like something like this, if Im in a ranged mood:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POzAceNlZw4YdMQGKO0K2r/K+IF-zRIUR0xPIc5mpQkKw0A-e

Let your pet "Sic'em", pew-pew, swap pet(if low health), swap weapons, pew-pew ...

We heal as one is heal, but also boost. Use it alot.

Gear: you can start with cheap exotic berserker, but then upgrade to Ascended Marauder. Start with trinkets. Easy to get ascended stat selectable trinket in LS3, LS4 maps.

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